July 2, 2013

Juggling Along

With summer in full swing, we have been very busy at the ToddlerTown.   Whenever there is a major change to the schedule it definitely takes some "adjustment".  After school let out in mid-June, Willy and I were juggling the kids until summer SACC started.  Not an easy task with both Willy and I extremely busy at our outside-the-home jobs.   Somehow we got through it and the kids started SACC yesterday.
In other news . . . .

Sir T is participating in the SACC program but he's not a happy camper.   This is our first year trying SACC.  In the past it has been our daycare turned summer camp for all our children.  Last year though, we could tell Sir T had run his course at the daycare.  The closest child in age to him was his brother Sir K and that really didn't register high on the Sir T summer fun scale.  So this year we turned to the county summer SACC program.  I got excited when I saw the summer schedule.  Lots of sports activities.  Yesterday when I dropped all three of them off, I could tell Sir T was not going to like it.  I saw no children from his school (or grade for that matter) and the first sports activity scheduled - hula-hoop relay.  Not really his "thing".  He survived though and tomorrow is a new day. 
Sir K did great his first day.  One of the activities was karaoke.  BIG HIT FOR SIR K.  He also had a few friends from regular school in his room so I think he will enjoy himself this summer.
Lady E has at least 4 new friends that I know about so far.  Gotta love girls and networking.  She'll do just fine this summer. 
Lady A is enjoying her summer camp as well First day was water play day.  Doesn't get any better than that.
For Willy and myself, the calendar really didn't change.  We definitely have less soccer and kids activities going on (we tend to take a break in the summer months) but we seem to be juggling a little bit more these last few weeks.  It doesn't help that we have ABSOLUTELY NO VACATION PLANS on the books yet.  Momma needs a nugget to look forward to or she will lose her mind.
I hope you have something great on your calendar.  Enjoy your family and friends. 


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