July 8, 2013

Merriment Monday

Happy Monday.  We just spent 4 solid days together AND we survived.  Don't get me wrong, I love our children and EVERY second we spend together is a gift from God but Willy and I always get a little uneasy when we have long periods of time with the children and NOTHING really planned.  All in all it turned out great.  Lots of time in the backyard, a couple of quick outings and this one is in the books.
In other news . . .
Sir T is doing well.  He had a meltdown when his XBox headset broke.  Willy and I took our time getting it fixed/replaced.  Willy and I worry so much about the amount of time he spends on that machine.  He tends to spend more time chatting/playing with his friends online than he does actually playing outside with friends.  We are definitely starting to limit his play time. 
Sir K had an unfortunate accident.  We went to a friend's house for a 4th of July party.  It was an awesome party.  Tons of kids and plenty of adult time as well.  Just when we were about to pack it in, Sir K had a skateboard fall on his head.  Willy ran the family home and then took him up to the ER for a look.   He came home about 45 minutes later with 3 staples in his head.  He was such a brave soul.  Needless to say, he can't swim for 7 days and he is really bummed about that.  The good news is the SACC field trip to the local pool is on Wednesday and his stitches come out Wednesday morning so he should be able to go on the field trip. 
Lady E is also doing great.  We have a plastic baby pool in the backyard that her and Lady A are having a ball with.  I love watching them have fun together.  They are both little water babies that's for sure.
Lady A is AWESOME (as usual).  As I mentioned above, she is loving her little pool.  Over the course of the 4 day weekend, she was in the water basically non-stop.  At one point, all four of them were in the pool.  Makes me dream of a REAL pool in the backyard (maybe some day).
Willy and I are doing well.  Like every married couple, we have our ups and downs.  I guess it's the fact that we have absolutely no alone time anymore.  Somehow we make it work though but it's not easy and ocassionally it's not pretty.  I can definitely see how couples wake up one day and realize they don't even know each other anymore.   
That's about it.  We have SACC all this week for the kids.  I hope it goes better.  The greatest news of all is that we might have a vacation on the books soon.  Willy and I have been going around and around about renting a condo we found at a local beach.  We haven't pushed the button on it yet but we are close.  I'm planning a little picnic dinner out on the patio tonight.  Nothing fancy - just hot dogs, corn on the cob and a fruit salad.  I hope your plate is full of lots of good things this week.  Take care of yourself and I will catch up with you soon.


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