Cast of Caricatures


I am a 40-something year old working mother of 4 beautiful children.  I struggle every day with my "outside" the home job, my "inside" the home job and everything in between.  


Prince William and I met back in 1998.  It wasn’t love at first sight or even magical in any way, shape or form.  In fact, he says the first time we met at a party, he tried to talk to me and I blew him off (I don’t recall this).    It took another 4-5 months before we saw each other again (I did remember him from the party).  We started dating immediately after the second meeting and we have been together ever since.  Prince William has what I like to call “old fashioned values” (which is exactly what I was looking for in a husband).   He grew up in the same house his parents still reside, his current friends are people he has known since kindergarten, and he literally got down on one knee to propose to me.  He believes in honesty and hard work; he loves his children like no father I have ever witnessed; and he is hopelessly devoted to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates (almost to a fault).  He has gorgeous blue eyes that mesmerize me, he’s got a good sense of humor, and deep down I know there is a caring man in there (he doesn’t like to show that side of himself but I do see it from time to time).  He is a great provider and he’s all mine ladies.


Sir T holds the coveted spot of first born and he takes this job very seriously.  Weighing in at 7 lbs 2 ounces, he entered this world with an aura of complete tranquility.   When I first saw him not a sound came from his mouth just a loving stare and a look that said “glad to be here”.  He has been the proverbial perfect son (in our eyes).  He’s really smart (but he's humble about it); he loves soccer (and he’s good at it); he loves to cuddle (works for me); and he loves spending time with his family (almost to a fault).  Our nickname for him is Old Soul.  He spends way too much time assessing situations instead of having fun; he worries about things that he shouldn’t worry about; and he loves the History and Military Channel.   He amazes me every day and the twinkle in his crystal blue eyes melts my heart. 


Sir K is number two on the hit parade.  Weighing in at 8 lbs 2 ounces, he entered this world kickin’-and-a-screamin’.  He wanted no part of the whole baby process.  He wanted to be up and running from day one (gave us quite a run for our money - but oh so worth it).  Once he was up (at about 6 ½ months), he was gone.  He loves running around the house in his boxers (it's too cute); he loves swimming (he’s like a fish); and he loves anything Star Wars (almost to a fault).  Our nickname for him is Grabby (when he was a baby, Sir T said he was always grabbing his toys away and I love that the nickname stuck).  He is by far the nicest guy in the house.  He will give you the shirt off his back (and I’ve seen him do it); he always thinks of his sisters and brother first; and his hugs can transcend you to a better place.  He has the darkest brown eyes I’ve ever seen (they are almost black) but when you look at them, you see a gentle boy who loves life.  His kindness makes me a better mom.


And next up Lady E.  Weighing in at 7 lbs 3 ounces, she entered this world independent and confident (no clue how this happens).  She arrived so fast after Sir K that we didn’t really have time to breathe (they are roughly 14 months apart).   I’ll never forget the doctor saying “it’s a girl”.  Didn’t know until that exact moment how much I really wanted a girl.  We always chose not to find out the sex until the initial first meeting (our prayers were always just for healthy and happy).   She has piercing beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair (no clue where the blonde hair came from).  She loves hanging with her brothers and playing cowboys and indians; she loves baseball (and she’s good at it); and she loves watching television and talking (almost to a fault).  Our nickname for her is Fireballs.  Her confidence shows in the way she walks and talks and she loves her friends (mostly the boys – good luck with that one daddy).  Surprisingly, Fireballs loves to cuddle up next to me at the end of each day.  This makes everything right with the world.  When we hug, she purrs like a little kitten and it makes me remember that even Fireballs needs to feel needed (and I’m right here whenever she needs it).    Her confidence inspires me.


And last but not least Lady A (or as we like to call her our Grand Finale).  Weighing in at 9 lbs 11 ounces (yep that’s not a typo), she entered this world easy going.  First time I saw her face, she smiled as if to say “glad to be a part of this family”.  When the doctor said “it’s a girl”, I became instantly content with life.  She also has the piercing beautiful blue eyes but the jury is still out on hair color (keeps changing from blonde to brown and then back to blonde – strange).  She loves being pushed around in the stroller by her sister and brothers; she loves everything Elmo; and she loves eating apple sauce (almost to a fault).    Her nickname is Fat-Fat (hope this nickname actually doesn’t stick).  She loves to laugh all the time and is basically up to speed and running with the pack.    Hugging her brings peace to my heart. 


Misti@Living On Cypress Hill said...

I love your stories about your family! It sounds like you have your hands full! And I love that you didn't find out the sex of the babies! We didn't with our first two, but with the third, we said "okay."

Great blog, by the way!

Aimee - said...

Sweet family! I loved reading this!

XO, Aimee

Anonymous said...

How in the heck do you manage all these people and have a real job? You're my hero. Love your snippets about the children. They sound precious.

Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

What an adorable description of your family, I needed that this morning:)