June 12, 2013

Some Like It Hot . . .

Can you say HOT?  It's about 87 degrees right now at 9:32 in the morning.  I'm not complaining trust me.  I love the heat.  Anything below 78 degrees is cold in my world.  The weatherman just mentioned severe winds tonight with a small chance of tornadoes around the area.  Please be safe everyone.
In other news . . .
Sir T has bounced back after his blow regarding the Safety Patrol rejection.  He hasn't seen the P.E. teacher since the announcement last Friday but I have been STRESSING to him it's imperative to reach out to her.  He needs to thank her for the consideration and tell her that he is available if the opportunity arises to fill another spot.  Today, we have a doctor's appointment to clear him for his surgery on Monday.  Unfortunately, there is a stomach virus going around the neighborhood and Sir T has been complaining of an upset tummy.  Hopefully the doctor will clear him.
Sir K is just loving school this week.  Every day he has a special fun activity scheduled.  Today is "Bring a Game to School" day.  He took the Game of Life.  He loves that game. 
Lady E did fantastic at her Bridging Ceremony.  The entire family attended the ceremony and it was just beautiful.  I'm so proud of her.  She is now an official Brownie.
Lady A is on cloud nine lately.  Last year for her birthday, we gave her a small ride-on ATV.  At two, she was not at all impressed.  At 3 1/2, it's the hottest thing in town.  I can't keep the battery charged enough.  It's so funny to watch her driving in and out of rooms.  She is really enjoying it. 
I think Willy had a nice birthday.  We didn't do much.  I ordered Chinese food for dinner and we did a little cake and singing for dessert.  I was bummed that the gift I ordered didn't arrive on time but he received it yesterday and all is right with the world now.  I have been really busy at work which always upsets my home life.  It should settle down in the next few days and then I can get back on track.  We finally replaced the trampoline over the weekend so we are back to bouncing.  The ToddlerTown has BIG plans this weekend.  We have a birthday celebration and a small trip planned.  So looking forward to some family time.  Life is good.


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