May 2, 2013

Thursday Tidbits

Today is a BIG day at the ToddlerTown.  Sir T is turning 11.  Whenever we have a birthday in the house, I always go back to my "Cast of Caricatures" tab (see above) and re-read what I wrote about each member of the family.  I must have done a good job with my descriptions because I always love what I wrote.  Here is what I wrote about Sir T (almost 2 years ago):

Sir T holds the coveted spot of first born and he takes this job very seriously. Weighing in at 7 lbs 2 ounces, he entered this world with an aura of complete tranquility. When I first saw him not a sound came from his mouth just a loving stare and a look that said “glad to be here”. He has been the proverbial perfect son (in our eyes). He’s really smart (but he's humble about it); he loves soccer (and he’s good at it); he loves to cuddle (works for me); and he loves spending time with his family (almost to a fault). Our nickname for him is Old Soul. He spends way too much time assessing situations instead of having fun; he worries about things that he shouldn’t worry about; and he loves the History and Military Channel. He amazes me every day and the twinkle in his crystal blue eyes melts my heart.
We don't have a lot planned for him.  With the house all under construction, we are just doing a family thing this year.  I feel a tad on the guilty side.  Sir T has ALWAYS had infamous blowout birthday parties.  I feel like I'm not doing enough.  Of course, we started out with a donut breakfast and a huge mommy birthday hug as he went off to school today.  I'm planning on dropping off cupcakes for his class (and hopefully they will sing happy birthday to him) and I'll work up a surprise for after school (thank goodness I'm teleworking today and have "some" freedom to make something happen tonight).  

I love this young man SO much.  He has far exceeded all my hopes and dreams and I can't wait to watch his life play out from a front row seat (God willing). 

I love you Sir T and all that you are. 



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