January 31, 2013

We Are NOT Floored by the Floor Plan

As you may know, the ToddlerTown is in the design stage of remodelling our upstairs area.  Here is a look at the current floor plan:
We currently have 4 bedrooms, a sitting room and two bathrooms.  Our main objectives for the renovation are to create an en suite bathroom for the girl's room using the existing hall bathroom; take the existing master bathroom and make that a hallway bathroom; and create a new master suite bathroom with a walk-in closet.
We got the drawings from the architect several days ago and we just can't seem to get happy with it.  
Here is Option No. 1:

Here are my issues:  I feel like the bathroom connected to the girl's room is TOO big for the room.  It's bigger than the master bathroom almost.  I love the closet space in the girl's room but it also seems out of proportion to the room size.  The bedroom to the left of the stairs has now been reduced to a size that seems not useable.  Finally, I feel like the hallway is too choppy.
Here is Option 2:


My concerns with this option is the closet in the girl's bathroom is way TOO small and I'm still not comfortable with the size of the bathroom to the bedroom.
My plans are to have the girls share a room as long as I can (into their teens I'm hoping).  If I know anything, I know this means I need closet space.  It would be nice to have 2 sinks in the girl's bathroom but I'm not sure it's necessary.  Remember, this will also double as a guest room. 
Anyway, if you have any thoughts/comments/suggestions, I'm listening.

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