January 29, 2013

Partying with Pippa

Hi Everyone.  The ToddlerTown just got back from Richmond.  We ended up driving down Sunday morning to spend some time with Pippa and her family.  We had a ball.  The kids (all 8 of them) played SO well together.  The adults enjoyed a great dinner Sunday night feasting on marinated chicken, steak, salad, broccoli and CHOCOLATE CAKE for dessert.

After we ate, the kids played upstairs and the adults watched two movies (man I haven't had that much adult interaction in a LONG TIME).  We rented the movies Premium Rush and Ted.  I kind of liked the movie Premium Rush.  Willy and I had seen Ted before at the theatre but since Pippa and her hubby hadn't seen it, we watched it again.  I had forgotten how raunchy it was.
Anyway, the best part of the trip - this little guy:

This is Buddy
This little guy got SUCH a workout from our kids.  I was a little worried when we got there how Lady A would reaction to him.  He has doubled in size since the last time I saw him.  She did great.  They bonded right away and Lady E and Lady A played with him basically the WHOLE time we were there.  Dare I say the ToddlerTown might be ready for a dog???  Let me be out of diapers for A LITTLE BIT LONGER.


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Anna See said...

Yes, give yourself some time before you get a four legged friend! But I'm so glad we have one..... xo