February 5, 2013

I've Fallen Asleep and I Can't Get Up!!!!

Maybe it's the weather -- maybe it's the time of year -- I don't know but I can't get up in the morning lately.  Are you having that same problem?  That doesn't jive real well when the ToddlerTown has a packed schedule.
We started off the week with a Super Bowl get together Sunday night at a friend's house.  I think we stayed TOO late though and that was my fault.  See, Willy started giving me the sign about 9:00 but it wasn't until about 10:00 that I realized "hey, we got to go to school and work tomorrow".  Oh well, the entire family had a great time so it was worth it.
Willy and I spent 3 hours yesterday at the tile shop.  Boy, putting together 3 bathrooms is A LOT of work.  We have almost finished the floor plan, we picked out all the fixtures and we are very close to finishing up the tile.  The only task outstanding is granite selections.
In the world of kids, tonight we have religious education for Sir K and Lady E while Sir T has basketball roughly at the same.  Tomorrow Sir T has intermural play in the morning before school while Lady E has cheerleading after school.  We have a new event on our schedule (yippee for me, right?).  Sir T is taking a video design course on Thursdays now.  His first class was last week and he LOVED IT.  So Thursday is 3-D class for Sir T in the morning, a workshop for Sir K's first communion on Thursday night and at the same time as first communion class, Sir T has soccer practice. 
We do have a very special Friday night planned.  Lady E will be performing a cheerleading routine at the local high school girl's varsity basketball game.  She is too excited about performing in front of a crowd.  We have the grandparents coming and I'm sure after the performance, we will all go out and celebrate with a nice dinner.    

That's about it for the week's activities (isn't that enough?).  Somewhere in this crazy week, I have to do laundry, clean, cook and run a few errands for myself.  It's a fast-paced life but I love it.  Have a fantastic rest of the week everyone.  Stay safe, warm and count your blessings. 

Until next time . . .  

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