October 9, 2012

(Not So) Happy Tuesday With a Status Check

The ToddlerTown is slowly chugging along (I'll get to the not so happy part later).  I am SO grateful for the 3-day weekend we just enjoyed.  We virtually had NOTHING going on.  For a few weeks now I have been seeing signs of "breakdown".  First off, I have been tail spinning for weeks now just barely staying afloat with work and the craziness of our schedules; Prince Willy hurt his back a few weeks ago and has been struggling with that (on top of preparing for a 10k in less than 10 days); and our precious Sir K has been fighting a small cold for about 5 days now.  He doesn't have a fever, runny nose, or chills BUT mommy knows he's not on his game.  Just sluggish and what I like to call his first symptom - the "sad face".  That's my sign with him.  I always know somethings up when he gets the "sad face".

Friday night, Prince Willy pulled the television out to our gorgeous patio area.  The weather was perfect and Willy and I enjoyed watching the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Atlanta Braves (I'm a HUGE Cards fan) while the kids bounced on the trampoline.  

Saturday, Sir T had a parents vs. kids soccer game.  I had this grandiose idea of "gettin' in" on the action.  Heck, I even wore my sneakers and running attire.  HOWEVER, once I saw the level of play, I decided it was in my best interest to stand on the sidelines graciously and cheer on the teams.    It was a great game and the kids had a blast. 

Saturday night we had a get together with our BEST FRIENDS and it didn't disappoint.  There was tons of laughter, the kids played great together and we enjoyed delicious Chinese food (courtesy of 100 Degree Chinese Cuisine). 

Sunday came and went in our house with little movement (and that was just perfect for me).  We watched the Cardinals play the Washington Nationals.  It wasn't the outcome I was hoping for but hey you can't win them all, right? 

Monday morning when I woke up I knew it was going to be another glorious lazy day.  The weather was gloomy and I was starving for comfort food.  I started a BIG old pot of homemade spaghetti which made the house smell delicious and Willy seized the opportunity to make a nice roaring fire.  I plopped myself in my favorite position on the couch and snuggled up with my babies.  We finished out the weekend watching the Cardinals beat the Nationals and it was another weekend in the books.

This morning was ROUGH though.  Not one ToddlerTown member could pull themselves out of bed.  We all slept in, walked around like zombies once we DID get up and reluctantly went on our respective ways. 

Here's where the sad part comes in.  For the past week or so, I have been following a local news story about a missing 17 year old senior from Woodson High School (Bryan Glenn).  He disappeared the morning of October 1st after dropping his younger brother off at school.  He told his brother he was going to park the car and was never seen again.  Bryan's car was found at a local park the next day but no sign of Bryan.  Sadly, it was reported his body was found near where the car was parked yesterday afternoon.  Such a sad story.  I don't know the boy but he looks so full of life in the pictures that have been posted online.  The cause of death has not been released as of yet but I pray for his family, his friends and the community.  I pray they can find some sense of this tragedy and can lean on either other (and their community) for support. 

Again, this is just another reason why all of us should count our blessings regularly.  Life is TOO short and there are no guarantees along the way.  Blessings to all of you who read this little blog of mine and I'll catch up with you soon.


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