June 21, 2012

Patio Sweet Patio


 I have mentioned a few times on this blog that I am an outdoor girl.  To clarify, I'm not into the whole camping or hiking thing but rather into the whole sitting on the patio, reading a book (or blogging) and sipping a cool drink (preferrably a cocktail).

Last weekend, we threw two separate shindigs in our backyard oasis with a combined total of probably over 80 people.  I have never been more proud of my home.  I got to show off my patio area.   Let's take a look:

This is the view from the back door

This is from the backyard looking in

I love the ceiling
and the fan combination

The furniture is so comfortable
and gorgeous

This clock sits on the mantel and
albeit simple, I love it and
it's Pottery Barn of course

I found these pillows at Home Depot
at the end of last season.  It was a
perfect match and dirt cheap

I love the rug.  I got it for a
steal at the end of last season at
Home Depot - $35.00 and it's hose-washable

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my paradise.  You can usually find me here rain or shine. 


Jena said...

Wow!! That is a gorgeous patio!!

Mrs. E said...

It is beautiful! Actually, your whole yard looks lovely! Enjoy!

Eclectically Vintage said...

Gorgeous - love that fireplace! I'd never leave either!

Wendy said...

What a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors!