October 10, 2012

Fall-ing In Love With My New Front Porch

Love the new look

I shared with you a few weeks ago the completion of our new front porch.  I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the addition.  Last Friday afternoon, I dragged poor Willy around to every nursery in town and found a few little additions for our addition.  Let's take a look:

I wish I had done a before shot of these pots.  They were an ugly green worn mess. 
I got them for 30% off though.  Nothing that a can of spray paint can't fix. 
They look fantastic and it was a fun project for Willy and the boys.

 I saw a pre-made wreath exactly like this one for $69.99 at Michaels and thought that was too much.  So I bought all the supplies and made it myself.  It took A LOT of my time and I only saved about $7.00.  Next time I might just buy the pre-made one.  I do love the idea that I made it myself though.
I got these beautiful mums for $6.99 a piece. 
What a steal.  They're gorgeous.

 I love the overall look. 

I know, I know -- Where are the pumpkins?  Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch is this Thursday afternoon.  I'll throw in a couple of pumpkins after that.  Thanks for stopping by my world.  Remember to count your blessings and I'll catch up with you soon.



Petie@inspirednesting.com said...

Your porch looks very nice....mums scream "Happy Fall"! Thanks for stopping by :)

Anna See said...

your porch look great!