June 7, 2012

One Stop Shopping -- I Love It


Lady E and I just finished the party gift bag shopping for her upcoming water slide 6th birthday party.  Let's take a look at what we got.  As it stands, we have 10 children (boys and girls) attending the party so the fact that everything we purchased came in sets of 12 is perfect. 

We decided to go with a patriotic theme.  Lady E's birthday is the day after Flag Day and just a few short weeks before the 4th of July.  I stumbled across a ton of Memorial Day paper products on the discount rack at the local grocery store the other day so it just seemed to all come together. 

We started with the bags.  We found these great looking large patriotic tote bags for only $11.50 for twelve (Item No. IN-35/862).  They are perfect size for filling with little goodies and Lady E loved them.

Perfect for the theme and
you can use it later as a grocery bag or pool bag

Then we decided to get these inflatable patriotic fireworks beach balls (Item No. IN-35/517).   They are perfect for a day of fun on a water slide and definitely great for future pool visits this summer.  They were $11.00 for twelve and Lady E loved them.

These are too cute

It wouldn't be summertime without sunglasses so we picked these black nomad sunglasses that were only $10.50 for twelve (Item No. IN-50/333).  So cute and they will definitely come in handy throughout the summer.

A little Risky Business looking don't you think?

We could have gone with a simple stars and stripes baseball cap or even a no frills beach hat which was a tad cheaper but Lady E loved these patriotic cowboy hats with star (Item No. IN-35/578).  They were $18.00 for twelve. 
Nothing says water slide more
than a patriotic cowboy hat, right?

I really try hard to give party gift bags filled with items that you can actually use.  I hope I did a good job this time.  What do you think?  The total cost of each gift bag is under $5.00.  I wish I could make great stuff like all my new blog friends (believe me I'm so jealous) but I'm a working mother of 4 -- something's gotta give. 

I found this code online that if you spend $49.00 you get free shipping.  If you are shopping at Oriental Trading Co. anytime soon, try it: 

Promotional Code:  WSTRM01

Finishing up the gift bags is a HUGE load off my mind.  Now I can concentrate on food and get the house cleaned.  The best part of all is Lady E is SO excited that she is literally coming out of her skin.  It warms my heart.

Remember to count your blessings and I'll catch up with you soon.


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Anonymous said...

I think you did great, who wouldn't want those gifts, looks great!!!