June 6, 2012

Midweek Confessions

I'm linking up with E, Myself, and I for her Midweek Confessions.  Here goes:
  • Last week on the way to work there was a terrible traffic jam on the toll road.  I never saw what caused it but I patiently sat there for close to 2 hours.  While I sat there, I witnessed car after car cheating the system by driving down the wrong side of the road to bypass the mess.  It finally got to me.  So when we all finally started moving, I sped up to cut a "cheater" off in his tracks.  The cheater almost went up onto the curb but hey if you can't follow directions maybe you shouldn't be driving, right?  I was SO proud of myself for holding my ground UNTIL I looked over and the person that I had run "almost" off the road was a 70 year old man.  UGH -- I'm such a bad person.
I better stop at one confession this week.  I'm  still feeling bad about this incident.



Charity said...

I am like you! I hate the cheaters!!

on my drive home in town we have a lane that ends and someone always is over there trying to cut just .001 seconds above everyone else who is obeying. drives me nuts!

Anonymous said...

cheaters never win, he probably got his , i think we sometimes just because a person is elderly they are sweet kind and nice, not true, I have met some 90 year olds that were mean and nasty, age did not improve them, they were nasty mean as a young person, and still, as an elder were mean and nasty!

Ashley said...

Ugh i hate that! I'm known for straddling the line so my big Tahoe takes up two lanes and people can't pass. It's not mean, it's justice! Good for you for putting that old fart in his place. :)$