May 23, 2012

Just Little Old Me and My Shoes


When we went to the Great Wolf Lodge a few years ago, I saw a pair of shoes in the gift shop that I absolutely loved.   I have never bought a pair of shoes in a gift shop in my entire life so to stay true to myself I passed on them. 

Ah but Prince Willy saw my disappointment and surprised me a month or so later with a package at the front door.  It was the shoes.  Here they are:

She won't show herself or her children
but she will show her feet

These shoes are the GREATEST pair of slides I have EVER owned.  They are so comfortable to wear and are holding up remarkably.  I am now into my second season of wearing them and I still get tons of compliments. 

Here is the description from the website:
"Alongside the timeless classics, the Onex line is diverse and always innovative to match the demands of the fashion world. Designed for the unique woman who craves originality. Whatever the occasion there is an Onex shoe, which is the perfect match. Most importantly, the perfect match is not only stylish, but extremely comfortable. Once a woman owns a pair and experiences the extra cushioned comfort, she becomes an Onex fanatic."
I love these shoes SO much that I just ordered another pair (slightly different style) in tan.  They retail for $89.00 (the tan pair I just got for $76.00) and I think they are really worth the price.  As I said above, I am in my second season wearing them and they still look great.

Here is their website.  I highly recommend these shoes (for what it's worth) and they have tons of other great shoes on their site. 




Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Thanks for the link. Those are cute and look very comfy too!

Heather said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for visiting my blog and following me too! I tried to reply to your comment from my blog, but I couldn't because you are a 'No Reply Blogger', which means when you leave a comment on a blog that blogger can't send a reply to you. But don't worry - its easy to fix in your Profile settings. There is a great article to read on how to fix this at Turnstyle Vogue blog here :
When you make the change I am sure you will get more feedback from your comments and back to your blog....which will allow you to build a better blogging network! Hope this helps! Where in Virginia do you live? I live in Hampton Roads. Take care Heather :)

A Cottage in the Clouds said...

They do look comfy. Hubby was a sweetie to surprise you with them!