February 3, 2012

Ring Ring -- Who's There? Exercise -- Can I Call You Back?

I’m not sure if I have blogged about this previously or not but for Christmas I gave Prince William a membership to Crossfit. God bless Willy he was trying for months to do Crossfit out of our garage and it just wasn’t working. He was constantly getting interrupted by me, one of the children or he would have to go out at some ungodly hour just to get a workout in. So now he’s an official member of Crossfit.

I will say I wasn’t a big fan at first but he REALLY wanted this and God knows he deserves it. I guess the whole thought of him getting to go off and do something just for HIM didn’t really sit well with me. I know, I know, that’s SO selfish of me. Hey half the battle is acknowledging you have a problem.  

Anyway, it’s been about a month and a half of 3 nights a week and surprisingly it’s been working out well. I’m not going to lie every time he bounces out the door to Crossfit, I get cross-eyed. I can't help but think about him out having fun exercising and feeling good about himself while I stay here and clean HIS castle and take care of HIS minions. And, oh yeah, GET FAT!!!!

It's definitely MY issue and I know it. See Prince William is constantly telling me to go out for a run, jump on the treadmill, join a gym or hell just get out and do something/anything. Whenever he says this though I bust out the Good Book.  No it's not the Good Book that you are probably thinking.  It's my Book of Excuses. It's chuck full of them.   I'm queen of the excuses (oops I mean Princess). I’ve been complaining for years now that I have packed on the pounds and don’t feel good about myself but then do nothing.  Hell, I’ve even looked into just lopping it off. That's right baby -- plastic surgery. When I got married roughly 10 years ago, I was 105 pounds. Now look at me (well, don't it's not pretty). I don't even recognize ME anymore.  My number one excuse is (and it's my favorite) I don't want to do it alone. I need someone to do it with me.

So this morning as I am sitting at my desk at work the phone rings and it’s one of my best friends in the whole wide world. 

She says:

 "Do you want to join a gym together and start
working out a few times a week?" 

My response:

"I'd love to.  Let me check my book
and I'll get back to you." 

Hmm . . stay tuned.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and remember to count your blessings.


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