February 28, 2012

Don't Let The Sun(room) Go Down On Me

I'm starting to get a big head (ha-ha) over all the fantastic feedback I received about our front door project.  We are so pleased with the final results and I'm just over the moon with all the compliments.  I can't lie, it's such a feeling of satisfaction.  It's small I know but I have wanted that combination color/style for almost 10 years.  Again, I can't thank Susan over at Between Naps On The Porch enough for her inspiration.

I don't have a lot of extra time on my hands with four small children but I'm on a fast moving train right now and might as well keep it going for as long as I can.  So, with the lanterns for the front porch ordered and the portico still a distant (but obtainable) dream, it's on to the next project.  The sunroom. 

First and foremost, I absolutely LOVE this room.  The sunroom was the clincher for us when we decided to purchase this home.  The views to the backyard are spectacular.  This was the first room that I decorated when we moved in.  Not a ton of stuff but I purchased a sofa, chairs, rug and some accessories.  I never purchased window treatments because I didn't want to obstruct the views.  Here's a few shots of the room:

From the corner of the sunroom
From the window looking into the kitchen

From the kitchen looking into the sunroom

As much as I LOVE this room, we hardly ever use it.  The room is just SO sterile to me.  Over time it has become a room that I have "roped off".  When we renovated our kitchen 6 years ago we decided to make our formal living room into a spacious dining room.  That gave way for the old dining room to become part of our eat-in kitchen area.  That change was a GREAT idea and still remains one of the smartest moves we've made to the house thus far.  It gave the house a whole new flow that works.  So I turned the sunroom into my new living room and it's where we entertain guests.  I always keep it clean and uncluttered (you know, sterile). 

Here are a few of the items on my sunroom wish list:

1)     Change the paint color - I really want the sunroom to become an extension of the kitchen.  Right now, I have the kitchen painted brown (Benjamin Moore, Fairway Oaks, #1075) and the sunroom painted green (Benjamin Moore, Hollingsworth Green, #HC-141).  On Friday, I am going to paint the sunroom Fairway Oaks.  I am hoping that will make the two rooms seem more like one and give the sunroom more warmth.  This is Fairway Oaks:

2)     Change the ceiling - I would love to do some kind of beadboard ceiling.  I think this will add some character and give the room texture.  Right now it's just plain white with recessed lighting.  Maybe something like this:


3)     Window treatments - Both sides of the sunroom have a sliding glass door.  I would love to remove these doors (I can't stand the foot traffic these doors create anyway) and replace with windows.  I also would love to cover all the windows with plantation shutters.  All the windows on the front of the house have plantation shutters and I absolutely love them.  I don't feel like this will obstruct the views, I like the privacy factor and of course love the look. 

4)     Fireplace - I really like the idea of removing the windows over the gas fireplace and then surround the fireplace with a faux stone possibly all the way to the ceiling.  Right now we have a small television on the counter in the kitchen and I hate it.  I have been begging Willy to let me put a big screen t.v. over the fireplace in the sunroom.  I love the dramatic effect this would give.  You can actually see the fireplace when you enter the front door so I think that would be a nice first impression.  Maybe something like this:

or even this

5)     Change up the furniture - I am in love with the idea of a leather sectional sofa with an easy chair and a few pieces of furniture.   One big problem is this room has no wall space. 

Recently, I stumbled on Cindy's blog over at Beaux R'eves.  Her kitchen/living room area is EXACTLY what I'm envisioning.  It's one big room, it's functional and oh so cozy.   Here are a few of her pictures:

I absolutely love the flow of this room and the openness of it all.  She has done a fantastic job at incorporating the two rooms.

Well, that's my next project in a nutshell.  I ABSOLUTELY would love any advice you might have or suggestions.  I'll start with the paint color on Friday and then go until the money runs out.

As always have a great rest of the week and remember to count your blessings.

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