September 20, 2013

Finally Friday Forum

Another picture from our summer vacation. 
This picture inspires me.
Wow what happened to the last week and a half????  I mean it flew by for me.  I just lay in bed every night now staring at the ceiling thinking "what the heck happened to the day?"  I try really hard to stay in the moment but it's extremely difficult when it zips by so quickly.
In other news . . .
Sir T is home sick today.  I think it's just a cold since the only symptom is a stuffed up nose.  He still continues to eat like a horse and he doesn't have a fever or anything.  Hopefully, it will pass with rest and a bowl of chicken noodle soup.  Sir T left his new sneakers in the kitchen this morning and when I picked them up to put back in the mudroom, I got a crazy thought to try them on.  Well guess what?  Not only do they fit, they were a little big.  WHAT?  When did my first born son's feet get bigger than mine?  Stop the madness.
Sir K is doing well.  He loves his teacher this year.  He told us she was big on Scooby-Doo and he isn't lying.  At back to school night, Willy and I saw it first hand.  Scooby-Doo EVERYWHERE in the classroom.  I think it's great.  The kids love it and it fosters a good environment for them to learn.  In soccer news, he got the chance of a lifetime last Saturday at his soccer game.  Daddy (who is the assistant coach) suggested using Sir K as the goalie.  Sir K has been asking to give this position a try and he finally got his wish.  He looked great.  Of course when the ball wasn't anywhere near him, he was watching planes and playing with his clothes but when it counted he did a great job.
Lady E had an exciting moment this morning.  We were over at the Home Show at the Dulles Expo and got on camera supporting a local merchant.  She even had a speaking role on tv.  Of course, I cried.  She looked so sure of herself.  Man she's got confidence in herself.  Do all 7 year olds have that much confidence?  I was so proud of her.  I keep watching her video online and it makes me so happy.    Lady A was goo, goo, goo over watching her sister on television. 
Lady A has a big day today as well.  Today is the first day of Kicks 4 Kids.  It's a soccer program that comes to her pre-school.  She is so excited to be playing soccer like her siblings. 
Willy's foot problem kicked up again last night.  He went to the doctor this morning and had the small joint in his foot drained.  GOOD GRIEF THAT SOUNDS AWFUL.  Anyway, we should know soon what the problem is.  The doctor is suspecting gout.
Me, I'm doing ok.  I keep wanting to start exercising and then I don't; work is demanding lately which NEVER helps my family life; and we were supposed to have an adult play date this weekend and it fell through.  Oh well.  I have tons of activities this weekend with soccer, softball and a soccer get-together on Sunday so I've definitely got stuff to do.

I hope your weekend is filled with love and laughter.   


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Lauren Davison said...

sounds like a BUSY week/ weekend!