December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas

I'm back.  Not sure what to say when (are you even thinking?) you ask "where have you been?"   I guess I could say "I've been  busy".  Yeah that works.
We have been doing very well.  The kids last day of school is today.  This starts the beginning of 2 solid weeks of juggling them around while William and I work.  I don't know why we always do this but we never officially take time off of work while the kids are out of school.  It becomes shall I say hectic to try and figure out how to "place" them places.
The great news is we are blessed with terrific jobs (and bosses) that accommodate our schedules.  So, we will do a LOT of teleworking, I'll probably take a few to work a day or two and just take a day here or there.  It always works (it's not pretty but it works).
HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS.  I took yesterday off and COMPLETELY finished buying and wrapping.  I'm so darn proud of myself.  So today (I actually took a vacation day) I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO.
Willy took the kids and dropped them all off at school and then he was headed out to do his Christmas shopping.  I'll only touch on this for a moment.  Man are men lucky.  I mean with a family of 6, you can't even imagine the juggling I have been doing to think, purchase, organize, wrap, etc. since a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving.  I don't know about you guys but Willy doesn't put any effort into thinking or shopping for the kids.  REMEMBER I HAVE 4.   It's a lot of work.   Just saying.
Anyway, we are sharing Christmas with the grandparents early this year.  We usually get together with them a few days after Christmas but for some reason they want to get together before Christmas.  I'm excited though.  We haven't spent quality time with Willy's parents in a while and frankly I miss them.
In other news . . .
Sir T got braces right after Halloween.  He is so adorable.  I thought he would be a bit uneasy with it but he's just rolling with it fine.  He finished up his soccer season on a winning note.  The team went 5-4.  I'm not one to brag but that's our first winning season of soccer EVER.  We are not all about winning at the ToddlerTown but we have definitely mastered the losing part.  It was nice to finish up winners.  Sir T had an awesome season.
Sir K also got braces right after Halloween (cha-ching).  These are the times I'm glad I have a full time job.  How do people afford braces?  Anyway, he loves them too.  He started basketball a few weeks ago.  First time for him.  All I'm saying is it's fun to watch him have fun.
Lady E is doing great.  She loves her Brownie troop and is gearing up to start cookie sales.  Her best friend is moving away so that has been a tough lesson in life.  Hopefully they will keep up on FaceTime or through letters. 
Lady A is perfect.  She is over the moon with this whole HOLIDAY SEASON.  We went to see Santa last weekend and she was so precious.  I love watching the world through her eyes.
Willy and I are fine.  It's sad how we kind of get lost in the shuffle with life going on.  I do miss hanging out with him like the old days.  Remember those days with absolutely no responsibility?
That's really about it.  Merry Christmas to all and may joy and peace find you and comfort you during this holiday season.   Hug tons, love much and remember what Christmas is all about.     


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