August 12, 2013

Let the Practices Begin

Today marks the first day of the Fall soccer season for Sir T.  He was not a happy camper when I said "time to start getting ready".  I know he will be back in it to win it once the routine is in place BUT today was not easy (on either of us).
We had to drop my van off this morning for some brake work.  Willy took it to get the July inspection done and the inspector said "I'll pass you but the back brakes are really bad".  Hmmmm seems if there is ever a reason to NOT pass someone, brakes should be it.  Oh well, we got it in this morning AND $1,000 later, it's fixed.  I can't complain really (but I will).  This is the first BIG repair to the car in over 7 years but it still hurt (and right before our vacation).  Well I guess I can have peace of mind that we will have no car worries.
We had our friends over this past Saturday night.  It's always a good time to visit with the Cs.  They have a son that is right in between Sir T and Sir K so it is all good when we have a visit.  The kids disappear and the adults can actually carry on a conversation and have a drink (or two).
Lady A did something fantastic on Sunday night.  I walked into the kitchen and found hair all over the place.  Before I could put it all together, she came around the corner with absolutely no bangs.  It's horrible.   Makes me sad every time I look at her.  The best part of all is when I picked her up at school today the teacher said "great news, picture day is in 2 weeks".  UGHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Hey if these are my biggest problems, LIFE IS GOOD.

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