August 8, 2013

Just a Quick Hello . . .

We had a bad episode with the XBox right before dinner tonight.  Willy and I sure do curse the day good old Santa brought that box into this house.  Damn Santa.
It's been brewing for a while now but Sir T and K have been battling it out for time on the machine.  It's totally my fault.  I knew about a year ago that I should BAN that machine from our house but I didn't.  I loved watching Sir T have a blast with his friends online.  Now that Sir K is starting to find his game, it's been a constant struggle.  Willy and I have been seriously thinking of banning ALL electronics in the house.  I'm not going to lie that scares me a bit (remember my addiction to Candy Crush).   We are leaving on vacation soon and the poor electronics will have to stay at home and entertain themselves.  Hopefully time away will heal all wounds.
The girls are great.  About a week ago I put the blow-up mattress on the floor in our bedroom and all 4 of them have been having a slumber party every night.  I love to sit in the dark and just listen to them interact.  Those are the most precious moments for me. 


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