April 9, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Today is just as gorgeous as yesterday EXCEPT for one minor detail - I'M SITTING IN MY OFFICE WATCHING IT FROM WORK.  Boo-hoo for me. 
The renovations are going great.  They have almost finished the boy's bathroom.  They put the first coat of paint on Friday.  I selected Benjamin Moore Brandon Beige and it's gorgeous. 
Brandon Beige 977 by Benjamin Moore
Today, I believe, their goal is to finish up the painting and trim and get the vanity and toilet installed.  Then we just wait for the granite to be finished and delivered.  We are still really happy with the progress. 
In other news . . .
Sir T is in full swing with outdoor soccer.  His first game last Sunday didn't go like we would have hoped.  We lost 3-0.  I'm not sure what was going on but the team as a whole didn't play well.  Sir T did a great job on defense but the offense just couldn't score.  Let's chalk it up to Opening Day Jitters and move forward.  This Sunday is a BIG game.  Sir T will be playing against a team that has 4 of his friends on it.  We are really excited to play this game.  It should be fun to watch as well. 
Sir K is doing fantastic.  He started soccer as well last week.  He is definitely not as excited about soccer as Sir T and Lady E but Willy and I want him on a team and exercising so it is what it is right now.  He is also just a few short weeks away from a VERY important milestone in his life - First Communion.  I still remember when Sir T walked down the aisle for his First Communion - still makes me emotional just thinking about it.  Such a precious moment.  I can't wait for Sir K to take his walk.  He has done a fabulous job preparing himself and I am overwhelmed with joy for him and his new journey.
Lady E is wrapping up Cheerleading this week.  The squad is giving their Parent's Performance on Wednesday and the whole family will be there to watch and cheer her own.  She also started soccer last week.  She is on a team that has been together for awhile so she is in her "social" element right now. 
Lady A is just as precious as ever.  Once a week, Willy is trying to get her over to the grandparents house for a day.  It's a tad taxing to get her there and back but she has such a great relationship with them that it's so worth it.  She is absolutely loving the beautiful weather as well.
Willy is still recuperating from being sick.  I think it's just a cold but it's been lingering for about a week now.  This too shall pass, right?
I had a night out with friends last weekend.  There were about 6 of us and we went to the Legwarmers concert again.  This is that 80s cover band that I went to a couple of months ago.  It really is a great time.  We dress up like Madonna look-alikes and make fools of ourselves.  It's great.   I must say it's very therapeutic to go out with friends and just laugh.  Mental note to self:  DO THIS MORE OFTEN.
That's about it.  The sunshine is the perfect medicine for the ToddlerTown.  I hope you are enjoying beautiful weather in your area.  Remember to count your blessings and I will catch up with you soon.  


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