March 27, 2013

Tuesday Is In The Books

Wow it wasn't easy finding this picture. 
If you google pigtails, it's all X-Rated pictures

We are now in the third week of the renovations and everything seems to be running smoothly.  We had an appointment early this morning with the inspector and everything went well.  After we got the inspector's blessing, the contractors started laying the floor.  They also talked to us about paint choices.  Good grief it's going fast.  Is it wrong that I haven't even thought about the paint colors yet????   The contractors are FANTASTIC and we are truly loving the experience (SO FAR).

In other news . . .
  • Sir T is dog sitting this week.  This is his first "paying" gig.  It's for our neighbors who are out of town for a few days.  Sir T is taking it very serious.  I'm (YET AGAIN) so proud of him.
  • Sir K has been feeling a little under the weather lately.  I think it's just a stuffy nose/cold at this point.  He's been a real trooper though.  During Spring Break, he is concentrating on reading for 20 minutes each night.  I'm proud of him for doing this without being prompted.  He's fallen in love with the Magic Tree House books.  I love just listening to him read to me.   
  • Lady E is doing great.  When I went up to tuck her in last night she was asking me lots of questions about boys (God help poor Willy in a few years).  I absolutely loved our conversation.  She was asking me about the first boy I ever liked, what was his name, was he nice to me, why didn't I marry him?????  I answered all her questions honestly except for the marrying one.  I skirted around that one because in truth I didn't marry Randy my first boyfriend because he had 6 toes on one foot.  Hey, I was 11 and it seemed gross at the time. 
  • Lady A is also on Spring Break.  We decided to keep her home too so she could hang out with her brothers and sister.  She is loving it.  Her latest thing is having me put her hair up in ponytails (hence the picture above) so she can crawl around like a puppy.  She calls them her dog ears.  It's SO cute.  Should I be worried?
  • Willy and I watched Argo the other day.  I had heard a few people say it was slow but we really loved it.  I'm not even a Ben Affleck fan and it still was good for me.  We are taking the kids over to grandpa and grandma's house tonight for a sleepover.  They are so excited.  Is it wrong when Willy asked me what I would like to do with our free night I replied SLEEP.

I hope your week is pleasant.  Remember to count your blessings and I will catch up with you later.  Until then . . .  


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