March 26, 2013

Status Check

Considering all the "things" going on at the ToddlerTown this week, we are doing fairly well.  I must say though I am starting to see tiny cracks in the armor.  It's definitely NOT as bad as I thought it would be 2 1/2 weeks into a massive home improvement project but it's definitely wearing all of us (maybe just me) down a bit.
In other news . . .

  • Willy attended a funeral a week or so ago for a childhood friend.  I didn't know the young man but apparently he was Willy's neighbor growing up and they played a lot as children.  So young - such a tragedy.  Funerals are hard enough but when it's someone your own age, UGH.  Unfortunately, just a few short days later, we both attended a funeral for our friend's father that passed from cancer.  I sure hope that's it on the funerals for a long time.
  • Sir T finished up basketball and indoor soccer this past week but moved quickly to outdoor soccer (no break - great).  He had a tournament and the whole team did fantastic.  They ended the tournament 1-2-1 (they played much better than the scores reflect).  Sir T even scored a goal in the second game.  I am so happy and proud of him.  I love watching him do well.  It warms my heart.

  • Sir K is still reeling from his birthday laser tag party last weekend.  I will say it was a great party and all the kids seemed to really have a good time. 

  • Lady E had a fantastic time with daddy on her last field trip of the school year. 
  • Lady A is thoroughly enjoying the snow.  She sure is a happy little lady.

  • My workload at the office has calmed down A LOT which makes home-life better and the first day of Spring Break was low key but enjoyable.

How's your week going so far?  

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Anna See said...

Just stopping by to say Hi! I hope your family has a good spring break.