January 14, 2013

What's Going On Here????

I can't figure out how to upload pictures to my blog anymore.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  When I hit the "insert image" button, the upload button is missing.  HELP!!!!!



Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Oh I hear your frustration! Wish I could help you but I am not encountering the same problems but have heard other are too!

Anna See said...

this is happening to me too. click onto the html button not compose button and you should be able to do it! xo

Kristi said...

This happened to me too and I had to install Google Chrome to fix it! UGH!!! Not really what I wanted to do, but it made blogging and uploading pictures easier than before! However the print is so small I'm going to go blind! I still use IE for email so I can see it! :)