January 11, 2013

Finally Friday Forum

It's Friday - Yahoo.   I hope everyone had a wonderful week and your weekend plans are full of family and friends. 
The ToddlerTown has been moderately busy this week.  Sir T had basketball and soccer practice; Sir K and Lady E had their Tuesday night RE class; and Lady A had a pajama party at school yesterday and she had a blast.
More importantly, we got great news this week.  Sir K who has been participating in a reading program before school each morning got cleared to be dismissed from the program.  This means that he is finally up to passing levels on his reading skills.  He has REALLY been working hard and Willy and I are so proud of him.  I'm kind of sad he's leaving the program because the teacher has been magnificent with him.  She has really opened up Sir K's eyes to how exciting reading can be.  God bless our school and the teachers.  We really do have the best school system in the country.  We are planning to take the family out for dinner on Saturday to celebrate Sir K's big accomplishment.
In other news, Willy did a great thing the other day.  A group of neighborhood dads got together to help our neighbors in need.  These are the neighbors where the father was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  They met last Saturday morning to take down all their Christmas decorations (inside and out) and get them back in the attic for them.  I know it's a small gesture but both Willy and I are committed to helping this family in anyway that we can.  I'm still so sad over their situation but continue to pray for healing and strength for them all.  It's definitely a tough situation.
That's about it.  Willy just called me here at work to tell me he rented the new Bourne movie from Redbox (I love Jeremy Renner) and it's Papa John's pizza night at the ToddlerTown (double yahoo).
Stay safe everyone and have a terrific weekend.  Remember to count your blessings and I will catch up with you soon.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we had a really successful meeting with the architect, builder and designer yesterday and I'm excited to see the drawn up plans in a week or so. 

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