October 15, 2012

Two Posts in One Day -- What Up With That?

The Incredible Lady A
(she's so much cuter than this picture)

We had such a busy weekend here at the ToddlerTown.  Lady A celebrated her 3rd birthday (where has the time gone????).  She was so excited.   We started out the day with the mandatory birthday donut breakfast celebration.  We all sang happy birthday and she blew out her candles atop her jelly donut (with a little help from her sister and brothers).  I usually do presents later in the day but she was SO excited I couldn't help but give her the BIG gift.  She got a baby doll.  It's one of those Baby Alive ones.  I'm not going to lie, this doll creeps me out.  Her head is so big and her eyes look spooky.  Lady A absolutely loves her though.  I'm teleworking today and am kind of thankful that she took her to preschool this morning with her.  I don't think I would have been comfortable in the house all day with Curly Doll (that's her name) all day. 

Anyway, after breakfast we loaded up the car and headed to Fairfax Corner for the 2012 CureSearch Walk for Children's Cancer.  What a heartwarming event.  Our team (Team Skylar) raised over $7,000.  I couldn't have been more proud of our community.  Overall, the grand total raised was over $130,000.00.   It was a perfect celebration.

Sir T had a soccer game at 3:00 pm (which they tied and Sir T played GREAT) and then we headed back to the house for a little birthday dinner and the opening of gifts.  Lady A was so happy.  She got a new purse, some lip glosses, a couple of shirts, and some Dora jewelry.  At the top of my blog I have a tab called "Cast of Caricatures".  I love what I wrote about Lady A on the page a year or so ago.  Here is the blurb:


And last but not least Lady A (or as we like to call her our Grand Finale).  Weighing in at 9 lbs 11 ounces (yep that’s not a typo), she entered this world easy going.  First time I saw her face, she smiled as if to say “glad to be a part of this family”.  When the doctor said “it’s a girl”, I became instantly content with life.  She also has the piercing beautiful blue eyes but the jury is still out on hair color (keeps changing from blonde to brown and then back to blonde – strange).  She loves being pushed around in the stroller by her sister and brothers; she loves everything Elmo; and she loves eating apple sauce (almost to a fault).  Her nickname is Fat-Fat (hope this nickname actually doesn’t stick).  She loves to laugh all the time and is basically up to speed and running with the pack.    Hugging her brings peace to my heart. 

A few updates:  (1) her hair is now a dirty blonde; (2) she doesn't get in the stroller much anymore but she loves pushing her dollies around; (3) Elmo has sadly been replaced with Dora the Explorer; and (4) we still call her Fat-Fat (Willy and I will pay for the therapy later in life).  Lady A is such a blessing to our family.  She really is the perfect ending to my pregnancy journey in life.  Thank you God for her.

We finished the day with me and Willy on the couch watching NLCS game 1 with the St. Louis Cardinals taking on the San Francisco Giants.  If you remember, I'm a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan.  This is the time of year that I get absolutely no sleep and LOVE IT.  Something about the Cardinals makes me feel 12 again.  It just is a happy time for me to watch them play.  Oh yeah, the Cards won too 6-4.  GO CARDINALS!!!!

That about wraps up the weekend for us.  We are planning our annual trip to the pumpkin patch this week.  Since this area is so congested, we always pull the kids out of school 2 hours early and hit the patch before the masses arrive.  It really makes for a happy trip.

Have a wonderful week everyone.  Please remember to count your blessings.  Taking part in the Curesearch Walk this weekend really hits home with how precious life is and how in an instance life can change.  I'll catch up with you soon.


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Happy birthday to your sweet girl:)