October 1, 2012

Merriment Monday

Willy had to work most of the weekend which left me in charge of the troops.  I was SO happy on Sunday when I got to sit on the sofa and catch a cat-nap while the 4 dears played together quietly.  Everything was going great until I woke up after about 30 minutes in a panic because I feared maybe it was TOO MUCH QUIET.  I went upstairs and did my once-over and everything looked o.k. (surprisingly).

It wasn't until this morning when I got to work that I realized someone had gotten into my purse, opened up my makeup case and smeared everything all over the inside of the case and my purse.  All my lipsticks, mascara, secret beauty creams, etc. that make me the beauty that I am were destroyed.  Now I know what that mystery stain was on the carpet that NO ONE had a clue as to what it was or where it came from.  

Oh the price of a half an hour nap.  I hope the make-up of your day starts better than mine.   



Anonymous said...

oh no! little monkeys but you are so very correct in saying , too much quiet with little ones is never a good sign!!!!

Anonymous said...

so true on the "too quiet".