October 3, 2012

Sailing Along . . .

Today is a BIG day at the ToddlerTown.  Sir T is being dropped off early at school for a field trip.  They will be travelling to Annapolis, Maryland on a commercial bus equipped with televisions and bathrooms.   Once they get there, they will board a skipjack (a one masted vessel for those of us you unfamiliar with nautical lingo) and sail from Annapolis to St. Michaels and back.  Along the way, they will stop and dredge for oysters (not exactly sure what this means but I know the words water, slime and mud were used in describing the process), have lunch aboard the ship, do testing on the water quality and take turns sailing a 65’ wooden vessel.

Here is where it becomes about me.  He's been on tons of field trips in his short little life but for some reason this one is getting to me.  I have been an emotional (ship)wreck since I signed the permission slip.  I was up all night pondering the "what ifs?" 

This is what I saw when I closed my eyes last night

When I finally pulled myself out of bed and went to wake him up, he was out of his mind excited.  He couldn't get in the shower fast enough (I think he even gave himself an extra squirt of Axe); he was very particular about his "sailing" attire; and in 10 years I have never seen him eat breakfast that fast.  At which time I started crying (note to self:  this might indicate it's close to that time of the month).  It wasn't the "what ifs?" anymore.  It was the "possibilities".  I was overwhelmed with excitement for him.  The fun he was going to have with his friends, the eating lunch on a sail boat (oops sorry - a skipjack), the dredging for oysters, and OH YEAH the learning potential.

So when we dropped him at school this morning and he saw this:

He about came out of his skin.  Not about the skipjack or the dredging for oysters part.  He couldn't wait to get on the bus and use the bus bathroom.  Oh the learning potential.

I hope you have an exciting day ahead of you.  Remember to count your blessings and I'll catch up with you soon. 


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