September 14, 2012

Finally Friday Forum

This is the schooner Willy took
me on back in July - SO romantic

Hi everyone.  Hope your week is sailing along.   For some reason this week is dragging for me.  I could NOT get out of bed this morning.  It must be the weather.  I love being all snug in my bed with a warm blanket on a chilly morning.  Nothing better.   Me not getting out of bed on time though turned into 3 kids running full force to catch the bus.  Oh well, no harm no foul.  Everyone got where they were supposed to get.  The best news of all, we did get the electrical issue fixed yesterday so we are back in business.

Back to School night was GREAT.  I absolutely love this night.  I always get choked up sitting in their seats and looking at their world.  All 3 teachers are fantastic and it seems like a perfect school year is in front of us.  AND if you are wondering, I was able to get my rump into all three seats.  It wasn't pretty but I did it.

Sir K has a soccer game at the crack of dawn Saturday morning.  He is actually really excited because his coach is out of town on travel and daddy will be stepping up to coach.  Should be fun to watch.  The rest of the day is FREE.  I'm trying to come up with something fun to do.  We get so bogged down with our SCHEDULE that we miss out on just hanging out as a family.

Sunday we have Sir T's soccer game.  We will be travelling into Poolesville, Maryland.   I'm excited because there are no subs for our game which means Sir T will get A LOT of playing time.  I'm excited to see what he can do.  After the game, we are planning on taking White's Ferry from Maryland to Virginia.  I believe the Ferry ride is about a 2 minute ride but I really think the kids will enjoy it.  If you have never been on the White's Ferry, check it out.  There used to be a 100 ferries operating on the Potomac and this is the last one and it's only $4.00.   In the late afternoon on Sunday, Sir T's soccer team is having a team party so we will do that.  That also should be a really great time.

That's about it from the ToddlerTown.  I hope you have BIG plans for the weekend.  Hug, love, and enjoy each other and remember to count your blessings.  I'll catch up with you soon.     


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