July 23, 2012

Monday Monday Mayhem

Such a cutie. 
If only I was 19 again

What a busy weekend we had here at the ToddlerTown.  On Saturday, we took a day trip to Massanutten Water Park.  The park is located in McGaheysville, VA.  It was about a 2 hour drive from us but the kids did just fine.  We put the movie Robots on and did a quick trip to the McDonalds drive-thru and we were there.  

The place was clean and laid out nice.  It has a huge indoor area that consists of 4 huge water slides, a couple mid-sized water slides, a lazy river, a baby pool area (Lady A loved this part), a family hot tub area, and a great general area that Sir T, K and Lady E loved.

There was a HUGE outdoor area that we did hang out in for a short time but unfortunately it was overcast and off and on raining so it wasn't ideal.  The outdoor area had a wave pool, 4 ridiculously big water slides, a really cute kids area (again Lady A loved this area) and a few other fun areas.

For lunch, they have a restaurant on the second floor that looked nice but we opted to hang out at the snack bar.  We got hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza and cookies.  The food was good.

All in all it was nice.  The price was $38.00 for 42 inches and above and 2 and under was free (yeah - Lady A was free).  The admission price was $190.00 plus taxes, lunch at the snack bar ran about $40.00, and we purchased a locker for $5.00.  Total cost was roughly $250.00 for the day.  I thought that was a little much for what it was.  To be fair, we went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA a month or so ago and that place is PERFECT in my eyes.   Having just gotten back from the Great Wolf Lodge, I was a tad disappointed with Massanutten.

We arrived home from our trip around 9 pm and everyone basically collapsed.  We then woke up early Sunday morning and headed to a Nationals game.  We had perfect seats near the rail on the right field side.  We got a great view of Bryce Harper.  We ran into some of Sir T's school friends so he went and sat with them for a bit.  It was great to watch him having fun with his friends.  Of course we did tons of hot dogs, peanuts and popcorn (that's mandatory for our family at a baseball game).  The best part of the day was when Bryce Harper threw a ball into the crowd and I caught it.  Of course, I gave it instantly to the kids.    It was a perfect day.

That's it (isn't that enough?).  It was tough to get up this morning.  I hope you had a PERFECT weekend as well.   Take care of yourself, count your blessings at every turn and I will catch up with you soon.


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