July 19, 2012

Happy Thursday With a Status Check

I hope everyone is having a manageable week so far.   Our week has been HOT.  I'm actually an outdoor girl but the heat is SO draining that I have been hanging out with my old friend AC.

I hope it cools down a little for the weekend.  The family is going to catch our first baseball game of the 2012 season (better late than never, huh?).  We got a good deal through Groupons.  For $25.00 you get a pretty decent seat, a hot dog (yummy), a soda or water and a bag of chips.  The Nationals are playing the Atlanta Braves.  Should be a good game.  I just checked the forecast and it's supposed to be in the 80s - PERFECT.

A few milestones. 

SIR K:  He lost tooth number 5 this week.  He actually told me that he wasn't going to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy because he already has everything he needs in life.  I love that guy. 

SIR T:  I finally got him to get a haircut.  It's a very long drawn-out process to accomplish this task.  He hates haircuts. 

Lady A:  She is in the middle of a crazy flip flop phase.  She wants to wear flip flops everywhere.  Unfortunately, you can't wear open-toed shoes to summer camp so that has been a real struggle every morning 5 days a week.

Lady E:  She has really been enjoying sharing a room with Lady A.  They laugh a lot together.  Sometimes I just like to listen at the door at night and hear their conversations.  It's adorable.  

Princess Kate and Prince William:  We are in countdown mode until our vacation.  That's all that matters right now.
In summary, we are all in full blown summer schedule mode now and things have been sailing along pretty well.  It's a nice busy.  I hope you are also enjoying a nice full blown summer schedule mode.  Count your blessings at every turn and I will catch up with you soon.

Oh yeah, one last thing.  Anna over at An Inch of Gray is having a fundraiser in honor of her son.  Click on this link and buy something (anything) and a (very) large portion of the proceeds will go to Samaritan's Purse in Jack's name.  It was Jack's favorite charity.  As moms, let's support Anna as she tries to find her way in life after what can only be called "a mom's worst nightmare".   I picked up a beautiful Faith Charm cross.  I will wear it with honor and always remember Jack.



Calypso In The Country said...

I love that quote - and so true! We had a storm last night so it could down a little bit! Enjoy your day!

Tabitha said...

The writers for Some Ecards are just pure geniuses. :)

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