June 11, 2012

Take Me Out of the Ballgame

If you have ever read my blog, you know that most of my weekends are spent on a soccer field.   I don't know anything about soccer but I love watching my three oldest play the game and little by little I'm learning the ins and outs of the sport.  

If you REALLY know me though you know that I am a HUGE baseball fan.  I follow the St. Louis Cardinals (that's the 2011 World Series Champions by the way) religiously and nothing beats a day at the ballpark with a hot dog (maybe 2), a cold beer (maybe 2) and a great game.  I SO wish all my kids shared my love of the game but they don't.  So imagine the emotions I felt when I came around the corner this morning and saw this:

I don't even know where she found
the baseball stuff.  I thought I had
packed it all away.

Looks like I might have one more crack at a baseball player.


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Anonymous said...

OK, thats a heart melter!!! so cute,