June 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Prince William

The object in the picture doesn't
appear to be my husband

Today is Prince William's birthday.   I don't have a lot planned for him today because I'm going a little overboard for Father's Day next weekend.  I have a HUGE surprise planned for him AND the kids.  

We started the day with two soccer games.  Lady E and Sir K both gave daddy the greatest gift of all.  They played hard and scored 6 and 2 goals respectively.  Daddy was very proud.   We then went out to lunch with Prince Willy's parents to a place called Foster's Grille.  I just looked it up and they are a local chain but if you are ever in the local area (Northern Virginia) check them out.  Not only do they have great burgers but they have AWESOME thick milkshakes too.

After lunch, we came home and Prince William plopped himself on the couch and enjoyed a two hour nap.  I assure you that is the greatest gift I can give him.  Prince Willy loves his sleep. 

If you have never checked out the "Cast of Caricatures" tab above, here is the description of Prince William.  I wrote this awhile back and I wouldn't change a thing.


Prince William and I met back in 1998.  It wasn’t love at first sight or even magical in any way, shape or form.  In fact, he says the first time we met at a party, he tried to talk to me and I blew him off (I don’t recall this).    It took another 4-5 months before we saw each other again (I did remember him from the party).  We started dating immediately after the second meeting and we have been together ever since.  Prince William has what I like to call “old fashioned values” (which is exactly what I was looking for in a husband).   He grew up in the same house his parents still reside, his current friends are people he has known since kindergarten, and he literally got down on one knee to propose to me.  He believes in honesty and hard work; he loves his children like no father I have ever witnessed; and he is hopelessly devoted to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates (almost to a fault).  He has gorgeous blue eyes that mesmerize me, he’s got a good sense of humor, and deep down I know there is a caring man in there (he doesn’t like to show that side of himself but I do see it from time to time).  He is a great provider and he’s all mine ladies.

Some day I might even get brave enough to post a picture of my mystery man who knows.   Hope your day is going great!!!


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