June 15, 2012

Finally Friday Forum

A very happy 6th birthday to my absolutely gorgeous daughter Lady E.  Our house is buzzing this morning.  We are not only celebrating the birth of our 3rd child but everyone is completely gooned up for the last day of school. 

It was SO much fun watching everyone get ready this morning.  They were excited to get to school and have all their friends sign their new yearbooks.  I love watching them grow (wish I didn't have to get older doing that but hey nothing is perfect in life).  I'm cherishing every moment (thanks Jack for that) and I am living in the now as much as I can (note to self:  you still have work to do on this front). 

We have Lady E's party tomorrow starting at noon and then finish out the day with an end of the season soccer party.  Willy and I are running around A LOT today to get ready.  He's doing a FAB job at making the yard EXTRA gorgeous and I have been busy running errand after errand.  We now have enough food to feed a small nation and the BIG KAHUNA water slide has just been confirmed. 

If you have never checked out my "Cast of Caricatures" tab above, this is my little blurb on Lady E:

And next up Lady E.  Weighing in at 7 lbs 3 ounces, she entered this world independent and confident (no clue how this happens).  She arrived so fast after Sir K that we didn’t really have time to breathe (they are roughly 14 months apart).   I’ll never forget the doctor saying “it’s a girl”.  Didn’t know until that exact moment how much I really wanted a girl.  We always chose not to find out the sex until the initial first meeting (our prayers were always just for healthy and happy).   She has piercing beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous blond hair (no clue where the blond hair came from).  She loves hanging with her brothers and playing cowboys and indians; she loves baseball (and she’s good at it); and she loves watching television and talking (almost to a fault).  Our nickname for her is Fireballs.  Her confidence shows in the way she walks and talks and she loves her friends (mostly the boys – good luck with that one daddy).  Surprisingly, Fireballs loves to cuddle up next to me at the end of each day.  This makes everything right with the world.  When we hug, she purrs like a little kitten and it makes me remember that even Fireballs needs to feel needed (and I’m right here whenever she needs it).    Her confidence inspires me.

She means the world to me and I couldn't be MORE proud of all her accomplishments (and she's only 6).  I love her more and more with every passing day and she is ABSOLUTELY beautiful inside and out.

I hope your weekend is filled with LOVE (pure and simple).  Hug deeply, cherish completely, and above all else count your blessings (it makes the small stuff fad away).



Mrs. E said...

Happy Birthday! She sounds like a keeper! Hope they had a good last day of school and that her party is wonderful. Enjoy your weekend, your kids, your life!

Misti @ Living On Cypress Hill said...

Kids grow way too fast! Enjoy every moment you can!