May 10, 2012

Who Lives Like This?

I logged on this morning to to get my daily dose of "bad things happening in the world today" fix and I stumbled across this little diddy.  It's a villa (everyone needs a villa at least once in your life). 

It's called Villa Ascosa or Hidden Villa.  It's named for it's privacy and spacious hill top setting.  This absolutely magnificent villa is located in Austin, Texas and at a price tag of only $6,200,000 it's more in my price point (NOT).  The villa has 6 bedrooms, 5 full baths and 6 half baths.  Let's take a look:

This is like from a movie

So breathtaking
I'd feel like a movie star every day

I could really entertain some
heads of state in this room, huh?

Love the kitchen BUT
don't we need a splash of color somewhere?

Love everything about this room

I could save a LOT of money
on movie tickets

One word

You know me and fireplaces
Love this area

I would soak in this tub
for days if it were mine

I'll take it!!!!!

If you are still on the fence let me just throw in that all exterior walls and several of the interior walls are built from 12" thick aerated concrete blocks AND there is a wine cellar.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.



Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

That villa is spectacular! But you kmow... I believe... There is NO place like home!!! I have 5 bathrooms and no one needs 5 bathrooms!!!!
I would LOVE the pool, though... and a pool boy named Edwardo, please!

Maggie said...

Perhaps a group could get together and buy this as a time share. It's gorgeous - just waiting for someone to move in. Hope the previous owners or developer left some wine in the cellar.