May 21, 2012

Happy Monday With a Status Check

Hi Everyone.  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Here in Northern Virginia the weather was spectacular.  It was basically 75-80 degrees both days and fabulous.  Perfect weather for tons of soccer and the kids did not disappoint.  Lady E started off the weekend with 6 goals (yep 6).  I don't know if I have ever mentioned this to you but Lady E's personality is one of those "if you can do that, I can do that much better" kind of personalities.  She has confidence like I have never seen in anyone.  We actually call her fireballs because she doesn't stop until she masters something.  

Sir K's game was next and he didn't disappoint either.  Watching him play is such a joy.  He doesn't have that "fireballs" personality.  He's more of a "team player who cares" kind of guy.  He is constantly making sure anyone that falls (his team or the opponent) is o.k.  It's so endearing.  He also loves to help his teammates score goals.  He gets so excited when he passes to someone and they score.  For me, he's a complete joy to watch.  On the other hand, Hubby gets a little crazy watching him play.  I guess it's a guy thing but Willy would prefer a tad more of a pitbull approach.  I'm loving watching him "care" about people.  He's going to do great things in life.

I think I mentioned on Friday that I was trying to get a Preakness party put together for Saturday and it did work out.  Some friends came over, we grilled out, enjoyed a few Black-Eyed Susans (the official drink of the Preakness), and laughed until probably close to midnight.  Prince Willy grilled up some awesome teriyaki steaks and I complimented with a nine-layer dip (I should post the recipe shouldn't I?), sauteed mushrooms, a delicious asian salad and fruit kabobs.  Just a PERFECT night with friends.

On Sunday, Sir T's game was at 1:00 and I was not feeling 100%.  I think I had one too many Black-Eyed Susans  but off I went into the 80 degree weather for an hour and a half.  Sir T played his heart out.  There was one particular play that he took it all the way to the goal from the back field and took a shot.  He missed by inches.  He started to cry and, of course, I lost it.  I hate to see my kids disappointed.  He wanted that goal so bad I could see it.  The team ended up coming back and tying so it was a win in my book.  Thank God I had my sunglasses on because the tears were coming down.  

We finished out the day with mommy and daddy taking a nap on the patio while Lady A napped and the other 3 played in the backyard.  Great ending to a nice weekend.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.  Sunday morning when Willy brought me my coffee, he kissed me.  Ok what does he want?  He actually said "happy first date anniversary".  13 years???  Can you believe that??  Least you think it's all roses over here, we do fight and we are really good at it but he is a good guy and an awesome father so I can't ask for more (even though I do on a regular basis) AND shame on me for not remembering our first date anniversary.  I hope I don't get kicked out of the Women's Club.

Today on my plate:  I am on my way for my yearly mammogram (hopefully that will keep me in the Women's Club).  Please don't forget to have your yearly checkups.  A dear friend of our family just finished her last round of chemo and the outcome is very encouraging (thank God).  She caught it very early through her yearly checkups.  So why not get that checkup you've been putting off.  IT'S SO WORTH IT. 

This afternoon, I am hosting a boys party.  YAY ME.  Lady E and her Daisy troop are heading over to the local fire station for a walk-through so I volunteered to watch all the other siblings (which just happens to be 6 boys).  Again, YAY ME, right?   Sounded like a really good idea until I saw the weather report.  RAIN ALL DAY.  So, I'm stuck with 6 boys running around the house.  Should be interesting!!!  Wish me luck.

Have a fantastic week everyone.  Count your blessings whenever you have a minute and I'll catch up to you soon.


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Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I am new to your blog. Glad I discovered it!