April 23, 2012

Who Lives Like This?

When Pippa was in town for the Easter holiday, we went back to our childhood stumpin" ground to see how it's holding up.   I only live about 5 miles from where I grew up but I just don't get there much anymore.  Well, let's just say the neighborhood has changed a bit.  This house was down the street from where we grew up.  When we lived there it was just a big open field (remember I'm talking 25+ years ago).  Now, this little delight sits on a beautiful 3+ acre lot and is breathtaking.  The price tag is $1,997,897.  Let's take a look:

English Tudor - Gorgeous

This is the biggest entry way I have ever seen
I believe this is called GRAND

Every room in this house was ginormous

Husbands - grab your smoking jackets

I wouldn't need a chef.  I would need a
whole staff for this kitchen

This house had 6 fireplaces
I love me some fireplaces

Way too old fashion for me
but the room size was ridiculous

This bathroom was about as big
as my current home - CRAZY

This was just a small part of the basement

I know this is nice but there was no
stripper pole (BIG NEGATIVE)

Just another small part of the basement

Is there anything this house doesn't have?

I don't know what kind of decking this is
but it was beautiful

The realtor kept emphasising how cozy and intimate this house was.  In my book, this house is NOT COZY or INTIMATE.  You could get lost for days in this house.  I forgot to mention that it had a stream and equestrian trail on the property as well. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour. 
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Shelia said...

Wow! That's one huge place! It's gorgeous but I'll take just an ordinary home! ;)
Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Connie said...

Hi Kate: I love that house, but for me, it's way too big!
Hi I'm Connie at http://hotflashncraftn.blogspot.com/, your new GF friend. I would love it if you would stop by and be mine too.
Thanks for sharing.

Calypso In The Country said...

What a huge place! I couldn't imagine living in such a large home...but I am sure I could adjust! Thanks for sharing!