April 30, 2012

Happy Monday With a Status Check

Hi everyone!!!  Hope your weekend was full of everything nice.   My weekend was an emotional roller coaster. 

Friday night my car (which had been in the shop for over a week at this point) was ready for pick up.  Prince William called me at work at 4:15 pm to let me know it was ready and needed to be picked up before 5:00 pm.  So I darted like a mad woman from work to make it on time.  Somehow all the stars aligned and I made it there with 10 minutes to spare.  I paid for the car and told them that I would come back later and pick it up.  They informed me that I had to move it from their lot in order to retrieve it after hours so I moved it out onto the street.  I then drove to the gas station and vacuumed out and gassed up the rental car.  I went back to the body shop and transferred all the stuff (4 car seats, toys, chairs, papers, etc.) to our car and then proceeded to the rental car shop.  I returned the rental and was told that someone would drive me to my car down the street in about 45 minutes.  That's when I made a VERY bad judgment call.  I'LL JUST WALK BACK.  Once I started, I was committed.  About halfway to the car I began to get really cold, my feet started to hurt, my sunglasses that were on the top of my head blew off into the busy street (and were gone FOREVER) and every car that was driving by was staring at me.  I was not happy.  It took me about 25 minutes to walk to the car.  When I finally got home and found Willy relaxing and entertaining in the backyard with a neighbor, I almost lost it completely.  I guess I was feeling sorry for myself but I was not fond of Willy at that moment.  I guess I was mad that he didn't help me or offer up a solution when he knew I was scrambling to get the car back.  Anyway, make a long story short, Willy was in the doghouse.

Saturday morning was a complete disaster because we had two separate soccer team picture appointments roughly 20 minutes apart so we had to split up.  I took Sir T and Lady E and grabbed her BFF on the way.  What a disorganized mess the pictures were.  There was like no one really running the show and everything was backed up about 30 minutes.

Anyway I made it through that, dropped off the BFF and then scrambled back to the house to prepare halftime and end of game snacks for 12 little girls.  We somehow made it to the game on time and then it hit me -- IT'S COLD OUT HERE.  I had forgotten a jacket.  Thank God I had enough sense to dress the kids properly but I was freezing my @@S OFF!!!!!  You can imagine what kind of mood I was in by this point.  You know, it's one of those moods where I blamed me forgetting my jacket on Willy.

I got through that o.k and then it was time to prepare for a friend's son's first communion and after party.  As I scrambled around getting outfits for everyone, I kept stumbling across PRINCE WILLIAM catching a catnap on the couch.  O.K.  here's where it got REALLY ugly.  I lost it and went DJ- TOO-NUTS on Mr. W.  I fought for so long that we only had 20 minutes to get 6 people dressed and to the church (which is about 12 minutes away).  As God as my witness, I went into DRILL SERGEANT mode and we made it only 7 minutes late.  It wasn't pretty but we made it.

THANK GOD FOR AFTER PARTIES.  We all had such a great time with our friends that ALL the hostility started to melt away.  We ended up staying until 10 pm and everyone feel asleep on the way home. 

Sunday came and everything seemed to be returning to normal.  So imagine my delight when Mr. Keurig showed up Monday morning.  Hello my new friend:

Fancy-Schmancy huh?

We have a big week ahead.  Of course the soccer and RE classes but Sir T's birthday is on Wednesday.  I can't believe he is 10.  DOUBLE DIGITS.  Have a great week everyone.  Count your blessings whenever you have a moment and I will catch up with you soon.


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