April 16, 2012

Happy Monday With A Status Check

Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope your weekend was wonderful.  We had a nice balance of soccer, fun, sun, relaxation and an incident. 

On Saturday, everything went smoothly.  We woke up and got to Lady E's soccer game with no trouble at all.  She is playing with her BFF this season so she is over the moon with excitement.  Their team is called the Red Foxes.  We are still in the "don't keep score" category with Lady E so it's just for fun and learning.  She scored once (yeah!!!) and had several "almost" goals.  Great game and she had a blast.

Then it was off to Sir K's game.  His team is the Red Dragons.  WOW what a difference a year makes.  Last year, Sir K was how can I put this nicely-- not interested in anything team related or athletic.  BUT THIS SEASON, he is like the star of the team.  He played great and was "in it to win it".  We were so proud of him and how he played.  He almost scored a goal too (it bounced off the goal pole (remember I'm not a soccer person and don't know the proper terminology).  Anyway, I got all choked up watching him play.  Very proud of him (side note:  got it all on my new camera too -- bonus).

We went out for a celebratory meal with the grandparents after the games and then relaxed for the rest of the day.

Here's where the incident comes into play.  Sunday started off great.  We all woke up, went to church and leisurely prepared for Sir T's game at 1:00.  At about 12:20 Willy noticed that a soccer sock was missing and all hell broke loose.  Willy went more and more nuts as the time ticked away.  By the time we left (about 20 minutes late for the beforehand practice -- NOT EVEN THE GAME) the WHOLE family had been rattled to its core (side note:  Prince William does not like to be late).  When we got to the game, Sir T opened up the side door of the van and flung himself out like a sack of potatoes while daddy yelled something to the effect of "YOU BETTER HAVE YOUR BEST GAME EVER!!!"  

I'm not going to lie I was miffed (it's a sock people), Sir T was sad, Willy was mad and the 3 other kids were like deer in the highlights.  The best part of the day was when Sir T scored the only goal of the game.  When he scored his goal, I secretly wanted him to turn and flip old daddy off.  I mean come on it was a sock for goodness sake not a nuclear mishap.  Least you think I'm a bad mom or wife, I'm just kidding on the flip off part but it would have been funny, huh?   Anyway, all stars realigned after the goal was scored and we returned to our "normal" when we all got home.   

Anyway this week is again full of soccer, RE classes, a Daisy Meeting, I have a doctor's appointment today and all the other little stuff that goes on around here.

Have a wonderful week everyone.  Remember to count your blessings (even in the crazy times).  I'll catch up with you soon.

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Anna See said...

socks can become national incidents around here too! xo