April 13, 2012

Finally Friday Forum - Part 8

I'd walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball.
- Pete Rose

A very happy Pete Rose's Birthday everyone.  I know, I know.  Pete didn't really "do" baseball right BUT I'll always remember Charlie Hustle as the guy who sprinted to first on a walk. 

This weekend is the start of soccer season around these parts.  As I get prepared to sit on the sidelines of 3 or 4 games a weekend, I can't help but miss the game of baseball.  Sir T played baseball for a few years but then fell in love with soccer.  Sir K tried a season and it just wasn't his thing.  Lady E took a crack at baseball last year and was really good but has now opted to follow in her brothers' footsteps.  I love watching my children play ANYTHING really and I guess as time passes I will grow to love soccer.  BUT OH HOW MOMMY MISSES BASEBALL.  Nothing beats sitting in the sun watching baseball and of course eating a hot dog or two.  Oh well -- I still got my 2011 World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals to watch on television.  By the way, they are 5-2 so far this season.  GO CARDINALS!

As I mentioned above, the soccer season kicks off this weekend.  Sir T's first game of the travel season is Sunday afternoon and Sir K and Lady E have their first games on Saturday.  The best part is there are no scheduling conflicts this weekend.  I get to catch everyone's games.  I hate when I have to miss someone playing because of a conflict.  As a mom, it's excruciating to pick one over the other.    

Lady E has a birthday party tonight.  It's her BFF's birthday combined with a Girl Scout outing.  The Girl Scouts are doing pedicures, manicures and putting together fun games for the Daisies.  Lady E would like for me to by her BFF a puppy for her birthday gift.  Not sure how well that would go over with her BFF's mom.  Hope Target has something comparable.

So here's my game plan for the weekend:  I plan on tackling the out of control laundry situation, doing a little grocery shopping, watching 3 soccer games, relaxing whenever possible, grabbing some sunshine when it's out and of course catching all this on my new camera.

I hope you have family time planned too.  Enjoy these moments that seem to be flying by.  I wish you all the best this weekend and I'll catch up with you soon. 


PS  Remember to count your blessings whenever you have a moment. 

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