March 8, 2012

Somebody Shut The (Barn) Door

Lately my obsession with barn doors has heated up.  I keep running across them on Pinterest and around the blog world and just LOVE the look.  I have been tossing around an idea for a few years now about pushing a wall back in the sunroom and creating a new space for a table and chairs.  I would have to redo the entrance to the mudroom and that's when the barn door idea comes into play. 

This morning, I ran across these beautiful doors at Isabella & Max:

Love the detail and look

Look at these from Parkdale Ave.:

Love the windows and the hardware

As you know I just finished my front door project with a gorgeous red door so I couldn't overlook these:

Look at the vibrant color -- Perfection!

They are so versatile too.  Look at these I found at Charm Home:

So rustic and gorgeous

Last one I promise.  Check this idea out from Anyone Can Decorate:

A headboard -- love the idea

I could go on and on.  If you have barn doors in your home, please drop me your blog link so I can check them out.  I think the best part of barn doors is that they can add character and warmth to any style home.

That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by yesterday from my first Wow Us Wednesday party.  It was fun.  Got a ton of great ideas.   I posted a new Bucket List item so make sure you check that out.  OH YEAH I almost forgot, the lanterns arrived yesterday.  Can't wait to put them up and show you. 

Remember to count your blessings. 



Calypso In The Country said...

Love the barn doors! I wish I could think of a good place to put one in my home! Have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Debbiedoo's said...

Fabulous post. I love the red barn door.