March 30, 2012

Jack's Tribute Video

At the end of each post, I always finish up with remember to count your blessings and here's where I'm coming from on that topic.  

In addition to the fact that Count Your Blessings is one of my ALL time favorite songs (it's from the movie White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney) it's also very therapeutic for me. 

I'm hoping I am like the rest of you out there when I say there are times in my life that I get really down.  Probably happens more than I care to admit.  I mean come on.  The pressures of being a FULL TIME working professional while trying to juggle 4 small children is as you can imagine a tad overwhelming at times.  Go ahead ask Willy.  There are days he knows to stay FAR FAR AWAY.

When I sit down though and really look at what I've got:

1)  4 beautiful, healthy, happy, smart, loving, funny kids
2)  A husband who comes home each night and loves his family
3)  A warm place to live
4)  A job that has been GREAT to me for almost 20 years
5)  etc. etc. etc. etc.

Does it really matter if I'm overweight?  Does it really matter if my house is not perfect?  Does it really matter that I forgot to iron a shirt?  NOPE.

Nothing brings this home more than the tragic death of Jack Donaldson.  Since September, I think about this boy EVERY day probably 5 times or more a day.  I think about the pain this family is going through.  I think about the possibility that this could happen to my family in an instant.  I think about life without one of my kids, etc., etc., etc. 

I want to share this video with you.  It's a video taken on Jack's 13th birthday.  The entire community got together for a Balloon Launch to support Tim, Anna and Margaret as they navigate through an unimaginable time.  Again, I ask that you pray for this family.  They SO need it.  I'm totally amazed at their courage and strength AND I'm blown away by their friends and the support they are providing to them. 

Thanks for listening and remember to . . . . COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.



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Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

You are so right... we should count our blessings. I, too, get "down" and then I see something like this (I just clicked on your link and read about Jack, how totally heartbreaking) and I realize how blessed I am to have my son, my health, a warm house, food, etc. And I'm sorry, but I couldn't watch the video. I knew I'd cry too much (and I am a "sobber") so I will just say a prayer for Jack's family, for their peace of mind. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for our loved ones and that is what is most important.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

Misti@Living On Cypress Hill said...

I couldn't watch the video either, but I read the news story. It's totally gut-wrenching and just can't imagine. He was such a cute kid. Thank you for giving me one more reason me to count my blessings on this Easter weekend.