February 18, 2012

Jack's Lantern Shines On

With the completion of my first real project behind me now, I thought I would take a crack at ribbon making.  I must sound SO pathetic to all you truly talented bloggers out there.  I'm sorry if I am disgracing you in any way. 

I purchased a bow making tool (go easy on me I'm a novice remember) the other day when I was up at Michaels.  I seem to be at that store a lot lately (and truth be told I actually like it now).  Anyway, back to the bow.  I decided I would update my blue ribbon on the tree in our front yard. 

The ribbon is for Jack Donaldson.  If you are not familiar with his story, you must read Anna's blog.  It's a heart-wrenching story of the loss of their 12 year old son Jack to a freak accident.  Since September, their family has been in my thoughts and prayers basically non-stop.  Just to read how Anna is processing this tragedy is so inspiring to me.  Her stories are filled with such unbelievable pain and yet such great hope all at the same time. 

So today, I took down the old blue ribbon that had been tied around the tree since late September and replaced it with a vibrant new blue ribbon.

It's my (very) small way to let Anna and her family know that I am praying constantly for peace and comfort.  Jack's lantern will NOT dim in this house.  


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Very Nice!