January 19, 2012

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Blog

Getting the hang of this blog world business isn't easy.  Today I was devotedly working on making improvements to MY site.  Prince William, who is in the IT field, has been patiently assisting me ACHIEVE my visions.  I worked on the "Grab My Button" icon and created my signature block that appears at the end of each blog entry (I know you know that).  I'm not gonna lie, this took me ALL day. 

Everything isn't exactly how I like it YET but I did make some headway today and I feel good about it.  I hope you like it too.  I'm totally up for any advice, suggestions, and/or comments.  I'm thick skinned so I can handle it.  Now all I got to do is come up with something to blog about. 

Oh yeah, grab my button and let me know if it works!!!!


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