January 23, 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It (NOT) Snow

Hi Everyone out in Blogville, USA.  I say that even though I know 'YOU" are not there.  Stats don't lie.  However, I will REMAIN positive and keep thinking that you are just running late and will be here shortly. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Ours was interesting to say the least.  See on Friday when I checked the calendar for our weekend activities, everything looked pretty tame.  We had one basketball game on Saturday morning, a diving class on Saturday afternoon and an indoor soccer game Sunday.  I knew I had to fit in a few of my own errands -- a trip to the grocery store at some point, I needed gas in the car, and I wanted to run by the hardware store to grab a hook for the front door but all in all it was a weekend that was low on the stress-o-meter. 

Then it hit.  The MAJOR snowstorm of 2012.  By Friday night, all county activities were cancelled and the town was shutdown in preparation for the BIG SNOW.  Of course, I quickly took inventory of the toilet paper and milk situation.  We had enough TP and milk to sustain life for at least 2 days.  The boys were sad about their activities being cancelled but the house was over the moon about all the possibilities of sledding, snowman making, and hot chocolate sipping in the morning.

When Prince William and I climbed into bed Friday night, it was snowing pretty hard.  HOWEVER, when we awoke Saturday morning -- NOTHING.   They cancelled and shutdown the town for this?   Prince William and I went into full blown PANIC MODE.  What the heck are we going to do with 4 kids in the house all day with basically nothing planned and a dusting on the ground. 

First, I made a huge breakfast of pancakes, eggs, hash browns, etc.  That ate up about an hour.  The kids played in the basement play room for the next hour and now it was 10 am.  What next?  Our plan -- Prince William would go to the grocery store for fun foods and some Redbox movies.

I, in turn, started a crockpot of Spanish rice (a family favorite) and pulled out the board games.  We have been playing a lot of SEQUENCE FOR KIDS lately.  Very simple and the kids love it.  When daddy got home, we started a movie marathon.  The kids watched Mr. Popper’s Penguins and Cars 2 while daddy and I watched Ides of March and The Help.  I wasn’t thrilled with the selection of Ides of March.  I’m not a big George Clooney fan.  Yes, I loved him in ER (who didn’t) but his movies always seem to let me down.  Take for instance Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?  I was SO gooned up for this movie -- laughed twice then fell asleep.  Staring At Goats -- not at all.   Up In The Air -- great story but boring as hell.  I'll give you the Perfect Storm (it was more about Mark Walberg tho) and Michael Clayton.  Ides of March -- I won't give you.  This movie had such promise and possibilities.  I kept waiting for the great twist -- then nothing.  Prince William even fell asleep. 

On the other hand, The Help -- Loved it.   Really made me laugh yet cry at the same time.   It got me thinking about Joey.  As a child, our family had a maid named Joey that came a couple times a week.  I have some very nice memories of her.  She would sometimes bring her daughter Tinsy who was roughly my age and we would play and have a ball together.  I remember Joey making us lunch and we would sit at the kitchen table telling stories and laughing.  Joey had such a great laugh.  This movie made me hope that my parents treated her with respect.  I don’t recall any situations or episodes where there was tension or any problems but I was young (under 10 years old) and probably oblivious to the world around me.  I do know for sure that Joey and Tinsy used our bathroom and that was JUST fine with us.  There is lots to be told about my parents and how they raised us but I DO believe they treated Joey with respect.  She was a funny woman and very caring of me and my siblings.  I do remember when money got tight and the family had to let her go that it was a very sad time for all of us.  She was part of our family.  Watching this movie made me sad that I didn't keep up with her and I wondered how she was doing.

So I guess I can say the family made it through the DUSTING OF 2012.  Prince William built me a couple of fires; we played board games; watched a few movies and spent some quality time together laughing and hanging out.    We ended the weekend with Sir T's indoor soccer game on Sunday.  It was nice to get out.  Sir T even scored a goal.  WAHOO!!!!! 

Sir T, K and E started Sports Camp this morning so I can’t wait to hear all about it this afternoon.  Today is bill paying day so tonight I’ll be hearing a lot of moaning and groaning from Prince William.  This is always a tough bill-payment cycle.  He finally gets a clear look at how much I spent on Christmas.  Ouch!!!! 

Have a fantastic day and remember to count your blessings.


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