September 10, 2013

Don't Send a Search Party. We have Resurfaced

A beautiful picture from Jockey's Ridge
in Nags Head, North Carolina
It's been SOOOO long I feel like I should re-introduce myself.  We have been on quite a ride lately.  Let me see if I can justify my absence. 
Since my last post, the family took a MUCH NEEDED vacation, started school and started sports activities.  We were gone for 2 weeks.  IT WAS FANTASTIC.
We started off in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Instead of doing the usual two weeks in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, we decided to break the trip up with a few days in Williamsburg and it was a perfect decision.  We stayed at Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel and Suites.  I was a little worried since we purchased a VERY CHEAP package that included 3 days/2 nights at the hotel, free breakfast each morning, and family passes to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA.  I'm not sure what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised.  The room was very clean (yet small) and the customer service was fabulous.  The hotel was nestled in a quiet and beautiful setting and our family had a wonderful time.  If anything came out of this experience, it's the ToddlerTown can't do a one bedroom hotel room anymore.  6 people is just too many for a small room. 
On the day we visited Busch Gardens (it's been over 25 years since my last visit), it was a tad overcast and threatening rain all day.  Sounds bad but the park was almost empty and the ToddlerTown moved around with no lines anyway.  I must say, I am a pretty cool mom.  I rode about 10 different roller coasters and had a blast.  It was a perfect day.
The next day we headed to Water Country USA.  Again, overcast in the morning but then about 12:30 the sky cleared and it was gorgeous.  We ended up having a wonderful time.  We opened and closed the park.  Again a perfect day.
After a couple of days of amusement park fun, we headed to the Outer Banks.  We usually stay in Corolla, NC but this year took a chance on Kill Devil Hills.  I have always been afraid of that area just because it is so commercial compared to Corolla BUT yet again, it was perfect.  We stayed in a 4 level townhouse across from the ocean but it was a short distance from the beach and not a problem.  The best part was the complex had a water park for the kids.  It wasn't anywhere near Water Country USA but definitely did the trick.  A couple of days the beach was closed because of riptides but since the weather was gorgeous, we just hung out at the water park.
My sister and her family (she has 4 boys) joined us for a few days and it was a blast.  The kids played wonderfully together and we all had a memorable time.
After my sister and her family left, we decided to do something we in general don't do.  We ventured out into the town to partake in some of the activities.  We literally stumbled across a place called Jockey's Ridge State Park.  It was heaven.  If you have time, check out their website.  It's truly a beautiful area.  We also did a small amusement park, went out to eat a few times and just enjoyed flying kites and being together.
AND NOW WE ARE BACK IN THE real world.  School started, soccer started, and softball started.  We are in full swing.  All the kids got great teachers and everyone is so enthusiastic about learning. 
In other news . . .
Sir T had his first 2 soccer games this past weekend and they won both of them.  The team is a completely different team than last summer.  They acquired about 5 new boys that are very talented.  I'm so happy that Sir T is on a great team that appears to have great potential for the coming season.  We teach our children all the time that winning isn't everything but I must say we have mastered losing and these first 2 wins are such a great feeling.  I'm so proud of him and how hard he works.
Sir K is also doing soccer again.  This year we have a bigger field and a goalie.  I think Sir K was a little tired during and after the game.  I must say, they are playing on a huge field.  Poor guy was exhausted after the game.  He had a couple of break-aways (which daddy loved) and almost scored two goals.  I am super proud of his efforts.
Lady E started softball this past weekend as well.  We don't know anyone on the team but the coach is really great with the girls.  He even said she had a very accurate throwing arm (she got that from me of course).  She looks good out there on the field.  I must say she is a little powerhouse and seems to be able to play any sport. 
Lady A is still sporting the crazy hairdo she gave herself.  I've gotten used to it now.  We signed her up for a soccer clinic at school.  It's so hard to fit her into the schedule and have something just for her but the pre-school was offering this program so I thought it was a good way to get her into soccer but not have to run her around on the weekends (yet).  It starts this week so I know she will be so excited.

Willy's foot is back to normal.  He relapsed a bit while we were on vacation and it turns out the bacterial infection might now have been gout.  Either way, he's back up and running and doing well.  I am sort of out of my funk.  Had a small problem at work with one of my bosses that is also a good friend.  I guess there is a reason people say don't mix business with pleasure.  Our friendship was damaged a bit during the miscommunication but I'm sure we will be fine in the long run.  I just have to maintain some distance for awhile. 
That's about it.  Today Willy has an all day meeting so I got all the kids ready and put everyone where they belonged and now am trying to do a little work (after I finish this blog).   I'm so excited about the school year and all the potential I see.  We have back to school night tomorrow so it will be nice to meet the teachers and sit in every one's desk for a bit.  That always makes me cry.
Until next time . .



Lauren Davison said...

So glad you're back! I thought you were gone !!!

Anna See said...

Thank you for the big update!!!!