August 16, 2013

Finally Friday Forum

Happy Friday everyone.  This is an especially HAPPY Friday for me but I'll explain that in another post.
The kids are MORE than excited that today is the LAST DAY OF SACC.  SACC has been a very sore subject at the ToddlerTown for the last 7 weeks.  I'm not saying they are all this way but the ToddlerTown did not have a good experience with SACC.  The people were nice enough but we had several injuries (a few of which were more than just scraped knees), the food was gross (according to the kids), the price I thought was way too much for what it was and for some reason there were no kids there that any of us knew.   All in all, we will try something else next summer.  As an end of the summer party, SACC is putting on a fashion show this afternoon.  Willy and I are planning on attending as a surprise.  Sir T and K didn't get a part but Lady E will be walking the catwalk.  It should be cute.
I'm still struggling with Lady A's new hairdo.  I've tried everything - clips, hairbands, bows, etc.  Nothing works.  This is going to be a painful couple of months.  Would you think bad of me if I took her to get bang extensions??????  Just kidding of course.
Willy's foot seems to be at about 98% after his bout with a bacteral infection a few weeks ago.  I'm still plugging along.  Sometimes I feel like I am trapped on the set of Groundhog Day the movie.  Does anyone else feel that way???   


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Lauren Davison said...

I bet Kim would take north west for bang extensions haha.