June 6, 2013

My Plate Is Full

I don't know if it's because of all the end of school year activities, work being SO hectic or just the insanity that is my life but this has been such a fast-paced week for me.   I hope you are as ready for the weekend as I am.
In other news . . .
Sir T finished up tryouts for soccer last Monday.  So now it's a waiting game to see if he makes the team.  I'm not at all worried.  If I had to be concerned AT ALL it would be that he gets moved up to the A team.  I only say that because I love everyone on the B team and we are really (parents included) settling into a good relationship/friendship with everyone.    We should know something today or tomorrow.  In other Sir T news, he finished up his SOL testing as well so now it's just coasting into the final days of 5th grade for him.  On a funny note, I think I mentioned that we purchased a little ride on lawn mower for him a week or so ago.  Well Willy put it together and off he went.  Well almost.  See there is a mechanism in the seat that cuts the motor off if he were to jump off.  Guess what?  He doesn't weigh enough to trigger the mechanism.  So I taught him how to ride while he was sitting on my lap.  Sadly, I meet (exceed) the weight requirement :(  I'm sure he didn't feel cool as a cucumber riding around the yard on mommy's lap.  Hopefully, Willy can disconnect the trigger and he can mow without me.  I will say it was fun tooling around on that thing.
Sir K is all excited about his African Market Day at school on Friday.  It's where the second graders open a market and peddle their wares.  Sir K and I designed necklaces.  I took him over to Joanne's Fabrics last night and he picked out a beautiful piece of fabric to cover his table, a jewelry display carousal and some supplies to make an open/closed sign.  We did a test run last night and the family came through his shop and we practiced purchasing items.  He was on cloud nine. 
Lady E is ready for her bridging ceremony on Monday.  I attached all her badges, pressed her vest and she's ready to go.  The mommies are putting together a little after party consisting of popsicles and cookies.  The whole family is attending the grand event.  It should be a really nice ceremony.
Lady A is doing great.  She for some reason has taken a liking to sleeping on the floor.  I think I mentioned this a time or two but little Ms. A doesn't like to go to bed at night.  She loves to tinker around the house after everyone has gone to bed.  She reads, she plays dolls, she ipads-it, etc.  For some reason though, if you set her up on the floor with a sleeping bag and a pillow she tends to fall asleep a little earlier.  Hey, whatever it takes, right?
Willy went down to Florida for his niece's graduation from high school this past weekend.  We struggled with trying to figure out a way to get all 6 of us down there but it just didn't work.  I actually think it was a good thing.  Whenever we get together with Willy's parents we always have the kids around and it's mass chaos.  I love the fact that Willy got to spend some quality time with his parents (and sister) without all the distractions. 
While he was away, the kids and I had a blast.  We had 3 soccer games to play but the rest of the time was spent at the pool and basically doing NOTHING.  It turned out to be real quality time with my babies.  Looking forward, we have Father's Day, Willy's birthday, Sir T's surgery, Lady E's birthday, last day of school and a trip to Hershey for a soccer tournament on our plate.  I'm stuffed just thinking about it.  Enjoy the rest of the week and have a terrific weekend.  


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