May 28, 2013

Is It Possible? Do I Miss Them?

The bathroom in the picture is not our new
bathroom but pictures are coming soon
I woke up this morning on my own terms.  This is the first day WITHOUT the workers in over 2 months.  I hit the snooze button 3 times (JUST BECAUSE I COULD).  It was the perfect morning for this too because we were all EXHAUSTED from the 3 day weekend.  I'll be posting pictures soon of our new bouncing bathrooms.  WE LOVE THEM ALL.
In other news . . .
Big news on the Sir T front.  I think I mentioned before Willy and I have been walking T around the neighborhood looking for lawn mowing jobs.  Well he got his first job.  Thursday he will be mowing his first yard.  Willy and I have a great surprise for him.  We purchased a small ride on this afternoon at Sears.  I'm so excited for him.  I remember riding the lawn mower when I was young and thinking I was the coolest kid in town (I wasn't but I sure did feel like it).  I felt so grown up.
Sir K is doing well.  Although he told us a few weeks ago that he didn't like soccer, he's been playing excellent.  We noticed that he is really getting some speed to him and if he says he wants to score, he generally does.  I hope he continues with soccer.
Lady E has poison ivy all over her face.  It looks terrible.  I was extremely busy at work the other day and had to send her off with it dried up but not very attractive looking.  God bless her.  She's handling it like a trooper.  She is actually sick today and stayed home with Willy.  As of this writing, she's back and doing fine.  School tomorrow little lady.
Lady A is as funny as ever.  Lately, she has been pretending she is a police woman and she runs around the house trying to arrest people.  It's really cute.  Last week, I had a conference with her preschool teacher and she is doing fantastic at school.  I am so excited to watch her grow.  She is a complete joy to us.
Willy and I had some friends over Saturday night.  We had a wonderful time hanging out and laughing with friends.  The kids also had a blast.  Found out on Sunday morning that they were playing in my car and left the keys in the ignition and all the lights on ALL NIGHT.  Hence the car wouldn't start.  Battery COMPLETELY dead.  Thank God for our handyman neighbor Mr. D.  He had an industrial battery charger and got us up and running again.  Thanks Mr. D.
That's about it.  As always the kids are great.  The house is great.  Our jobs are great.  Life is great.  Until next time remember to count your blessings and I'll catch up with you later.


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