May 10, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone

Things here at the ToddlerTown are surprisingly going well.  Willy is out of town for a day or so and I was left in charge.  I'm not going to lie I always get uneasy that I can't handle 4 kids alone but so far so good.  I dropped everyone off at their respect daily hangouts and did a quick trip to the grocery store, gas station and bank.  I got really ambitious and stopped by Bed, Bath & Beyond for a little casual shopping and that's when the cellphone rang - "hello Kate, this is the nurse from school.  Sir T isn't feeling well"  That will teach me to go window shopping.  Anyway, I darted over to the school and Sir T looked awful.  Got him home ok but while talking to the crew about some grouting issues, we all heard a loud BLAHHHHH.  Oh well, he finished up that stage and has been sleeping ever since.  I'll do the mommy-look-over once he wakes up.  I hope it's nothing serious. 

In other news . . .

Sir T is sick (see above).

Sir K wore the most adorable blue shirt today for his teacher's favorite color day.  He was super handsome. 

Lady E woke up ready to go this morning.  Literally, it was pajama day and she really wanted to wear what she wore to bed.  EASY.  She took her American Girl doll with her.  She asked me to make her doll's hair look just like her hair this morning.  They both looked adorable walking out the door this morning.

Lady A was as stubborn as ever this morning.  She insisted that she also wear her pajamas to school today EXCEPT she wanted to compliment her pajamas with patent-leather shoes.  It was quite a look.

I'm doing great.  I ordered pizza for the workers for lunch and we sat outside and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.  They are a group of really nice guys.

That's about it.  I hope you don't have any throw up in your future and that your family is healthy and happy heading into the weekend.  Until next time ... 

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